Facebook Stories is Already Being Abandoned By Users

Facebook Stories

Within such a short time, it is evident that Facebook Stories is not going to take off big as the company expected.

The company owns the most successful social networking platform in the world. But, it doesn’t directly convert their audience into everything that Facebook would announce. The newly announced Facebook stories which was made public just one month ago seems to be a wasteland at the moment. People have mostly abandoned the concept and many of them hardly have any idea what it could do.

Facebook Stories Abandoned By Users

A similar situation occurred with WhatsApp live status messages that most users wanted to skip as soon as it was announced. It even forced the developers to bring back the original status messages they had in the first place. In Facebook stories, there are hardly any stories to actually read. While you may have hundreds of friends in your list, no one is posting anything new. In order to view new content, you should tap on the highlighted face and it will show what the particular user is up to. But, most people when they open the page will only witness hidden faces which indicates that no one is using the feature at all even though it’s just one month old.

At the most, two or so people updated it at random intervals. Even those who do sometimes don’t know they are doing it on Facebook stories but assume they are doing it on a different platform like Instagram or something that has to do with the Messenger app. Such a convoluting situation prevails with the app. The company direly wants to be the only place to have amazing stories, news and other updates to be read. However, users continue to use it as a news medium where updates from various websites are being posted along with memes and gifs. But, any content that is created and promoted within the app doesn’t gain as much attention as the developers want it to.

Facebook Stories

Almost every time when Facebook tries to come up with something unique and innovative, they bite the dust. The team has hardly had any good new launches in the past years except for purchasing WhatsApp and Instagram outright. They even managed to acquire Oculus Rift but no original product has come out of the Mark Zuckerberg stable yet. Facebook is going strong so far but a new idea is what they need and let’s hope they find it in the following months.