Monthly Gaming Roundup: Best Games for Android Phones to Try Out in May 2017

Best Android Games in May 2017

Gaming on Android mobile devices has never been easy thanks to tons of games of different genres now available on the Google Play Store. But then, making the best choices from this wide range can be really challenging.

To that effect this article compiles a list of best Android games that have been a success in the official Android store in the past month. These are free titles, some with in-app purchases. Also these are gaming entries which have been hits on other gaming machines apart from being built around sensational movies and superstars.

Nonstop Chuck Norris

Just from the name, this gaming title is based on legendary Hollywood icon, Chuck Norris.

The protagonist is on a mission to save multiple worlds, down the line he meets countless villains that you are supposed to clear out. It’s quite weird that you have no control over where Chuck Norris goes, all you have to do is to make him fight.

This game is free to play with flexible in-app purchases which can be turned off.

Chicken Scream

Chicken Scream is one of a kind platform game. You are required the walk the chicken through the levels to complete missions but instead of tapping the screen, you use your voice to give commands. Different voices marks different commands, sing or talk to make the chicken walk and scream to effect jumps. Also the louder the voice the faster the chickens walks and the converse is true.

A free to download and play game.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege       

This is the latest sequel to the popular Age of Empires series. The installment has been a major hit on PC and Microsoft is now availing it to the Android mobile gaming community. In this game, you build an empire, set up an army and use it to destroy your enemies’ territories as you protect yours.

Best Android Games in May 2017

The Android version of the blockbuster is now available for download in the Play Store, it’s free with in-app purchases.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

In this title, your objective is to save Morphin Grid from space witch, Rita Repulsa, who has invaded the world and has created and programmed virtual monsters and has cloned Power Rangers whom she is making to fight on her behalf.

Moreover, you can get into real time multiplayer encounter globally in well-known and loved famous locations both from TV shows and movies.

This title is a high graphic game which gives you power to unlock and own over forty warriors, both Power Rangers and Villains, from all over the power Rangers multiverse.

Transformers: Forged to Fight       

This one here is an action fighting RPG based on the popular 30 years old Transformers history. As a gamer, you get to collect iconic bots; Optimus Prime, Waspinator Bumblebee, Megatron, Soundware etc. from across the Transformers world in readiness for devastating battles with other players.

Going further, you can come together with your colleagues to fight in worldwide events, strategize defences to guard your territory and also plan attacks on your rivals’ strongholds with your sycophants.

It is good to know that you need an active internet connection to play this game.

Baahubali: The Game

As the name suggests, Baahubali: The Game is centered on Indian Movies sensation, Baahubali. The movie has gained so much popularity and part 2 is on its way to the top of the chart of bestselling Indian movies.

Best Android Games in May 2017

On to the game play, this one is a strategy title where you need to set your defenses to safeguard your fortress from attacks by your foes.

You get to train your battalion, defend your base diligently and attack your rivals with legends such as Baahubali, and Kattapa among others.

To cap it off, you can also fight other players, team up with friends to form clans and battle other clans globally.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Last but not least is CATS: Arena Turbo Stars, this is yet another fighting game. In here, you are required to design your weapons, that is, collect parts, put it together, then use it fight other players.

Finally, this article may or may have not covered your favorite game but these are titles which have been chosen discreetly for a remarkable Android mobile gaming.