Facebook Tests “Find Wi-Fi” Feature That Point Out the Nearest Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspot For iOS Users

Find Wi-Fi For iOS Users

Facebook has been testing a new feature on its social networking app that helps in pinpointing towards the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspot on a map.

The feature has been reportedly made available to a just a small number of users who use the Facebook app on their mobile phones and has been limited currently only to Facebook for iOS users.

Find Wi-Fi

All about “Find Wi-Fi”

The new feature that is being tested will be listed as “Find Wi-Fi” option under the Menu of the Facebook app. This feature will prompt the users to set their location access feature to “always” on the app. And then it will point out all the free Wi-Fi hotspots that have been made publicly available for the users on a map. The feature will not just point out the available hotspots, but will also show directions to the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspot.

There have been reports that confirm this feature, as there have been posts on Twitter when a user had posted an image which showed Facebook was seen promoting the new feature on its page at the top with a statement that read “There are 8 public Wi-Fi hotspots near you. Turn on Find Wi-Fi to see them.” Another user had posted a screenshot of the new Facebook feature on Twitter.

Facebook Find Wi-Fi Feature

There have been reports stating that Facebook had recently started requesting Pages to list all the Wi-Fi locations at their physical addresses. This is probably the backbone and the real source of all the information that builds the free Wi-Fi list which will be compiled by Facebook. However, there is a possibility that it might just lend itself to some pretty inaccurate results.

Better Live Streaming

With Facebook Live Feature being the latest trend, the inclusion of the new “Find Wi-Fi” feature is nothing less than a boon. It is obvious that Facebook is doing everything possible to push the Facebook Live feature harder ahead than ever before. Of course, the app will require a decent speed of the Internet for live streaming, without which the filming live videos will give pretty tacky results. When more number of nearby locations is pointed out by Facebook, the quality of real-time information sharing, news, and all the viral video content seems to be getting better. Well, that is everything that the Live feature is expected to offer to Facebook.

Previous Exhibits

Previously, Facebook has rolled out a similar feature in 2012 that offered access to free Wi-Fi for all its users once they have checked-in the Facebook app. Even in India, Facebook was testing a similar feature called the Express Wi-Fi service in co-ordination with multiple Internet service providers (ISPs) in the country. The Express Wi-Fi service of Facebook was being tested under a pilot run, and it offered free internet at almost 125 rural Wi-Fi hotspots.

Limited to Few iOS Users

Find Wi-Fi For iOS Users

As of now, there have been no user reports regarding the availability of the new “Find Wi-Fi” feature for the Android users. It is not yet sure if the feature has even been tested on Android since it has been made available to just a few iOS users for testing purposes. The lucky ones can spot the feature in the hamburger app of the Facebook mobile app. It is expected that Facebook should gradually roll out this feature to all the users on both, the iOS and Android platforms.

So, now, if Facebook and Google were to team up, it becomes easy not just to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot, but also find a toilet to use.

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