Adobe Acrobat Reader Now Scans Documents on iOS and Android Smartphones

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The Acrobat Reader from Adobe will now allow scanning of documents as well. With the new feature, the free app has become something more than just being a PDF manager.

The new updated Adobe Acrobat Reader is now capable of converting all the printed documents, invoices, and receipts into the PDF format, right there on the smartphone by using the app. Though there are quite a number of apps which do this, for example, the Scanner Pro app allows the users to capture a picture of the documents and then convert it into a PDF, but Adobe’s Acrobat Reader app comes with some real nifty features.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader to Scan Documents

To begin with, as of now, the Acrobat Reader is a fully functional PDF reader which lets the users view and manage all their important documents. In times when there is an electronic signature needed on any document, Adobe Acrobat Reader lets the user insert it quickly as well, which means that the Acrobat Reader has now become a one-stop shop for all the PDF-related work. Adobe Sensei, which is the company’s services platform that uses artificial intelligence, powers the Acrobat Reader for carrying off the document scanning feature.

The data which is collected from millions of Adobe users has been used by the company to improve its products. When it comes to the Acrobat Reader, Adobe Sensei helps in improving the features like text sharpness and boundary detection.

The Executive Director and VP of the Products department of Adobe India had reportedly mentioned in a statement that the engineers at Adobe India, by utilizing all the leveraging artificial intelligence, deep learning capabilities, and machine learning technology of Adobe Sensei, have played an auxiliary role in developing the all-new innovative mobile Scan feature in the Acrobat Reader app that already uses features like PDF boundary detection, enhanced text sharpness and perspective correction which makes scanning of documents from paper print to PDF format, quickly and easily than ever before on the mobile phones.

He also said that the company has given a try to the new scan feature in Acrobat Reader and has found the results to be really impressive. There have been complaints regarding the various scanning apps of which the most annoying one was that they take a lot of time to detect the boundaries and also, trying to hold the smartphone for a long time in a particular position is going to be a tedious chore. However, with Acrobat Reader, detecting the boundaries of an A4 sized document and of smaller receipts has become quicker. There have been reports that upon using the Acrobat Reader’s scanning feature, the small texts that are usually present on the receipt appeared to be a bit blurry.

Another interesting feature about the Acrobat Reader is that the app shows neat text prompts when the user has done something wrong. It prompts the user to move closer to the document that is being scanned, or to still the hands, or to avoid tilting the smartphone. It becomes easier to decipher things with such warnings when the user is doing things the wrong way, as opposed to understanding and trying to find out what the on-screen cues mean. Acrobat Reader excels at getting a prescribed job done as quickly as possible, which is indeed a big feature. After the scan is completed, the users can easily reorder the pages, add comments, and annotations.

Apart from scanning the documents accurately and prompting the users for the faults, the Adobe Acrobat Reader app also allows the users to store their documents on the Adobe Document Cloud. However, if the users use other cloud services such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive, amongst the others, Adobe supports them too.

Acrobat Reader electronic signature

So now, if the user is looking forward to scanning a bunch of receipts with an idea to track all the expenses or to get rid of the hundreds of business cards that have been accumulated over the years of work, then Acrobat Reader is here to help the user in getting the task completed.

The updated Adobe Acrobat Reader is now available for download on both the Android and iOS platforms.

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