Facebook Tests a New Feature with Colored Background for Text Statuses

Facebook Colored Text Statuses

The core attraction of Facebook is not its news articles as can be found anywhere, but its intimate posts from close friends and relatives.

That is the primary reason why Facebook is working on making the personal text messages as attractive as the photos themselves. To make this happen, the social networking company is testing a new feature that offers an option of colored background to the text-only posts. The feature will allow the users to select a color which will appear behind their text status instead of the usual white background. There are plenty of color options to choose from which come in the color gradient pattern, styled as Instagram’s logo, which makes them more polished and modernistic than the boring mundane colors.

Facebook Colored Background

Facebook has also confirmed to TechCrunch, a tech savvy website that they are testing this feature. It looks like that the company is testing this feature only in certain regions outside the US but not in the US. The users who do not have the access yet to the test will not be able to see the colors if they try looking at the post now, However, that is likely to change with everyone being able to see the colors only if Facebook decides to roll it out more widely to everyone around the world.

Colored Background for Text Statuses

Facebook has issued a statement wherein it has shared more details about the latest feature. It mentioned that the colored status background feature will be rolling out on the global platform in the next couple of days. As of now, only the Android users will have the ability to create them, however, all the users on the iOS, Android, and web platforms will be able to view them in their News Feed. A Facebook spokesperson had written in a statement that the company is rolling out this change so that it will help people in making their text posts more attractive and more visual. For this, people will be able to update the background color of their posts which have only texts on the Android version of the app.

Downfall of the Original Content Sharing

Instead of just resharing the news articles and all the viral videos, adding such an update will give the extra punch and spice which will help Facebook in boosting the original sharing of all the personal and unique content. There were reports circulating in April that there was a decline in the percentage sharing of original and personal content on Facebook. Apparently, by mid-2015, there was 21% decline in the year after year broadcasting range of the original content, and there was a 15% decline in the year over year sharing of original broadcasts in April.

Though in the past, Facebook tried to downplay that claim by saying that the section of original content sharing was quite healthy, the Vice President of the Facebook News Feed did confess at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF some time during September that there has been a growth in the sharing of professional publisher content at a faster rate when compared to original sharing, which made the originally shared content just a smaller portion of the total content. As per an update from September reports, this might have possibly caused Facebook to play with the news feed column where the friends and family have been prioritized over the publishers so that a balance can be restored with more of original content in the news feed column.

Big Text Feature

Already, Facebook seems to be encouraging the updates for the text status with a new ‘big text’ feature which has been showing words in a bigger font. This has been observed only if the status messages are short so that they can grab more attention.

Facebook Colored Text Statuses

Both of these features have been concurring to steal the thunder from Twitter, which is the probably the most ubiquitary social network that focuses more on text-based conversations. When Facebook had first launched the News Feed, it was all about text. Though the CEO of Facebook has repeatedly said that rich media like 360-degree videos and virtual reality videos are the future of sharing on Facebook, there are always a few things that are best expressed only with simple words. And with the colored backgrounds, Facebook is trying to make sure that a bit of poetry or an impromptu exclamation will not get lost in the flashy feed that is increasing steadily.

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