Viber Update Brings In Instant Video Messages, Third-Party Integrated Services, and More

Viber Revamped Emoticons

It looks like almost every social networking app is working hard on making video the future of their services.

To join the bandwagon now is Viber, which will be rolling out a new update that will allow the users to share short video messages with their friends who are on their list. Apart from the instant video messages, Viber will also work integrated with other third-party services like Wikipedia and Giphy. Another addition that this update is set to bring with it is the redesigned emoticons that will have a simpler look. The update will also bring chat extensions that will provide the users with access to external services.

Viber Instant Video Messages Update

Well, Viber is updating its app with features which should push the service to catch up with the other competitors in its stream. The update will arrive for Android and iOS platforms.

Instant Video Messages

Allowing the users to create short video messages is probably the most significant change ever that has happened in the history of Viber updates. So now, with just a single tap, the user will be able to record a short instant video with a maximum duration of 30 seconds. This instant short video can be shared by the user with their friends who are there on their contact list. The process of recording this short video message is very similar to recording audio messages. It can be canceled at any point of time before it is sent, by just swiping towards the left side from the record button.

Before getting started with the video messages, there are quite a few points to keep in mind. Firstly, there is a time limit to the duration of the video, which is restricted to just 30 seconds. Secondly, the videos will be cropped by default in a circular shape. And the last important thing to be noted is that the short video messages on Viber do not come with any expiration date, unlike the Snapchat video messages which disappear after 24 hours of posting.

Integration with Third-party Services

Viber has been taking pride and joy in announcing that it will be now working integrated with a wide range of third-party services. As it is just the beginning, there are just 3 big names that have been integrated with Viber services. They include the Wikipedia, Giphy, and TheMovieDB, which is the dollar store version of the popular movie database, IMDB. This also includes the Viber Stickers. In order to access these services, the user will just have to type in ‘@’ in the message box followed by the name of the service which they wish to access, like typing ‘@stickers’ will grant the user access to the Viber Stickers service. Though there are just 3 extensions that are currently available for Viber, the company has assured that much more will be added in the upcoming weeks.

Chat Extensions

The COO of Viber had reportedly said in a statement that with the addition of the new Chat Extensions feature, the users will now be able to access a collection of diverse external services directly from their chat screen. The users can search for the services, and share the content instantly with their friends right there from their chat screens.

Revamped Emoticons

Viber Revamped Emoticons

Apart from all these new updated features, Viber has also introduced new emoticons that have been completely redesigned. Viber has said that these emoticons have been redesigned to sport a fresh and a simple flat look.

All these new updated features will be available on the updated version of the Viber app on both the Android and iOS platforms.

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