Facebook Workplace Launched and Already Has 100,000 Groups Created

Facebook Workplace Launched

At many offices, including Facebook, it is common to see that they have an internal messenger app which helps in communicating amongst the employees and runs the company for several years.

Similarly, the aim of Facebook also is to keep the users connected to their friends and family. It can now do the same even with the co-workers, within the company, with the Facebook Workplace (previously known as Facebook at Work). The Facebook Workplace was put into testing by a few organizations almost a year ago.

Facebook Workplace Launched

Now, almost a 1,000 organizations from around the world are using the Workplace. The users have already created almost 100,000 groups, with the top five countries to use Workplace being India, the United States, Norway, United Kingdom, and France. The social networking giant has reportedly been very excited about the progress they have made and about the engagement and adoption of the new Facebook Workplace. After seeing the positive response from the organizations of the different countries, Facebook Workplace is all set to be rolled out to any organization or company now which wishes to use it for the co-workers.

Around the World, For Everyone

With the Facebook Workplace, there is a lot more to do than just communicate in between the work desks in between the walls of the office. Many people spend their whole day of work out in the field or on the roads, but always have their smartphone with them. The breadth of organizations that have embraced Workplace is amazing. With the Facebook Workplace, now a shipping company can connect easily with their crews on the ships by using Live video features, and a bank can share updates with its distributed branches instead of using the old-fashioned newsletters and fax machines. The Workplace is mainly aimed at the non-traditional desk workers like ships, baristas, factory workers etc. who spend most of their time outside their offices, to stay connected with the company and its updates.

Many huge multinational companies have embraced the Facebook Workplace including Starbucks, Danone, and Booking.com, many international non-profit organizations like Oxfam, and also regional companies like YES Bank in India and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore. The people from around the world work in many different ways, and the mission of Workplace is to keep them connected.

Facebook Native Features to Workplace

Facebook Workplace Native Features

Facebook has included its native social networking features into Workplace. These features include its basic News Feed, creating and sharing data and files, Reactions, Live, Search, and the Trending posts. So, now the users can use Workplace for everything that can be done on Facebook, but this time, it will all be within the company. The employees can have real-time meetings and chat with their co-workers, follow a meeting on Facebook Live, and discuss work in Groups. The companies will also have an identity provider which will integrate the Workplace with their existing IT systems.

The company has also announced the Multi-Company Groups, which will allow the employees of various organizations to work together and extend the collaboration of the companies in a secure and safe way. The Facebook Workplace Partner Program was introduced wherein the social networking giant will collaborate with technology-based service companies like Deloitte, to garner more businesses from around the world to start using the Workplace.

Workplace Pricing Details

The Facebook Workplace is a product which comes at a subscription price, which is a completely different driven route to Facebook, which has been cashing in on advertising all this time for its revenue. The businesses and companies that will be using Workplace will have to pay the social networking giant a price ranging from $1 to $3 for every active user using the product. This pricing is very competitive when compared to that of Slack, where the businesses are charged almost $7 per user.

Facebook Workplace Pricing Details

With more than 1000 businesses signed up already, Workplace is the latest move by Facebook to keep up the competition with its rivals in the social networking market. Since the general perception is that Facebook is a distraction at work, the Workplace is all set to fight that combat and will allow work-based data communications across the employees using the product, along with company updates and announcements,  live meetings with the officials across the globe etc. in addition to the limited News Feeds from the co-workers.

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