Samsung Offers Note 7 Users $100 Credit for Returning Devices – CPSC Backs Recall of Note 7

Samsung Offers Note 7 Users $100

The latest move of Samsung is to offer $100 as financial incentive to customers and make them return their devices.

Note 7 Recall

The Note 7 is dead, but the company is still dealing with the fallout. Many customers are still hanging on to their phones, and the company is offering a $100 incentive for returning the phones.

Note 7 Recall

Refund/Exchange Program

There is a new refund and exchange program for the Note 7, which begins live from the 13th of October. The program will allow users several options. They can opt for a $100 credit for exchanging the Note 7 and buying any other Samsung Phone. They can also get a credit of $25 and exchange their Note 7 for getting a refund or for getting another brand of phone. The company is naturally prepared to offer more money to those who are willing to stick on to Samsung brand in order to repay the customers’ loyalty.

Return your Note 7

The message from Samsung is very clear. If you possess a Samsung Note 7, this is the time to turn it in and get another phone. Users can return it to Samsung or at the shop where they purchased it. All details of returning and exchanging the Note 7 can be obtained from the official Samsung website.

Latest Statement Uses ‘Recall’

Though the company had asked users to return their Note 7 phones earlier, it had not specifically used the word ‘Recall’. In the present statement, the company is making it very clear that it is acting in complete accordance with the CPSC or the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC is an agency in the United States managing the recalls. Earlier, when Samsung had asked for returns of the Note 7, there was criticism leveled at it, as they had not informed the CPSC properly. The reason for using the specific word is obviously as a correction to that criticism.

Samsung Offers Note 7 Users $100

Statement by Samsung CEO

According to the CEO and the US president of Samsung, the company appreciates the consumers’ patience along with the patience of the carriers and retail partners. The times are challenging and they have patiently carried the burden. Tim Baxter, the CEO, also added that the company was committed to doing everything that it could possibly do to make matters right.

No Repairs/Refurbishment

Samsung has stated to Motherboard that there are no plans for repairs or for refurbishment of the recalled Note 7 devices. All the phones will be scrapped and will be safely disposed off. The company has made adjustment to the profits expected in the third quarter, in order to compensate for the losses from the Note 7 amounting to more than $2 billion.

Irreversible Impact

However, it has cost a lot of the environment. Many rare elements and components used in the phone are now irrecoverable. They are expensive components and will have an environmental impact.

The company has not given details about the disposal methods that it plans to use for the Note 7. However, Greenpeace and other such organizations will want more transparency in the matter.

Fireproof Box

Fireproof Box for Note 7

Samsung is also sending fireproof boxes to the customers who bought the Note 7 and who are sending it back to the company. The recalled devices could be hazardous and have to be returned with care. These fireproof boxes will only be shipped using a ground courier service and cannot be transported using an aircraft.

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