Fallout 4 Devs Modify Mod Site To Make Uploads Easier and Safer

Fallout 4

Bethesda has revamped the mod website of Fallout 4 so that it is now easier to upload mods and also introduced some features which stop pirates from using mod files.

Ever since its launch, Fallout 4 has received continued support from its original developers. Gamers enjoy roaming the post-apocalyptic world and scraping for new items to survive. While the base game is large by itself, the team continued to roll out DLCs and expansion packs. Above all, the modding community is active as ever rolling out new stuff from time to time. With this update to the mod website, Bethesda has now made it easier to browse available content, create and upload new ones.

Players who are completely new to the scene will find that there is everything they need to create mods. Based on the update, mod creators will now be able to browse through statistical information related to their content, edit the version number, add a custom name and moderate comments so as to remove the obscene ones. Creators can even like their favorite comment in case it is either positive or gives other players an insight about the mod.

Fallout 4 Devs Modify Mod Site

The reports page is improved now and has new categories including the piracy/ stolen options. If you find that your work has been stolen and used by some other people without proper rights, it can be reported to Bethesda so that they can take immediate action. The details page of a particular mod file can now be updated with required dependencies which specifies the things they need to use the particular program.

Server side security is provided by a mandatory requirement to connect your Steam account before mods are uploaded to the official Bethesda.net website. Creation kit 1.4 is mandatory to create new files and anything else created before it has been nullified. A full list of official changes, added features and security updates can be found in the official Bethesda website.

Fallout 4 is growing at a rapid pace not just on PC platform but also on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Mod support is being rolled out for consoles for the first time. Despite technical issues, the developing team is working on allowing console gamers experience the fun in playing a game title with some insanely wacky modifications. File size is limited on consoles at the moment but it won’t be long before an alternative solution is found.

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