Toyota C-HR Hybrid Dashboard Revealed In New Pictures

Toyota C-HR Hybrid Front

Toyota C-HR crossover is an impressive vehicle known for its striking mix of a 4×4 with a coupe design.

It won fans around the globe and in order to keep things going, the brand has revealed pictures of the dashboard to excite their fans.

While the exterior of the car is extremely striking with sporty looks, the interior is subtle and has an exquisite finish to it. The futuristic style that Toyota was trying to implement with the Prius range of cars is long gone. Instead, the automobile brand has gone with a traditional design that is familiar to most customers. All the standard gauges and dials found in earlier versions of Toyota cars can be found in the dashboard which includes a small display screen.

Most automobile manufacturers are trying to ditch this conventional approach so as to integrate huge touchscreen displays. However, many buyers would love to be nostalgic and also have their vehicles be simple rather than make them look too futuristic than required. The compact screen is positioned behind the steering wheel, a drastic change from the Prius where is mounted high on the dashboard.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid

The interior of the C-HR is quite the same and the fact that it is a hybrid model can be found only with the help of the eco meter. It is not all old school in the Toyota C-HR Hybrid because it does have an 8-inch infotainment system screen. The position of the screen is much higher than it used to be which the designers opine that allow them to give more height to the dashboard. All the center consoles are slightly curved towards the driver, giving him or her easy access when they are on the move.

The entire cabin dominantly features a black plastic finish and shiny black piano textures are found specifically near the door cards as well as the steering wheel. The picture also confirmed that the Toyota C-HR hybrid uses dark leather seats. In the photo released, a blue and black finish was used. However, the company added that they have planned to introduce more color choices and buyers could customize them when they order the car.

Toyota has picked the TNGA platform the C-HR hybrid version which uses a 1.6-liter hybrid system. The car also has a petrol engine which renders a total of 114 horsepower. While there is no word on more powerful choices, Toyota may opt for 2.0-liter petrol variants in specific regions.

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