Fallout 4 To Get More DLCs After Nuka World, Bethesda Confirms

Fallout 4

Bethesda is known for supporting the games they develop even after years since its original release.

Skyrim is a great example and Fallout 4 will continue to be supported.

The developing team confirmed that fans need not worry because Nuka World is not going to be the last big deal DLC for the game. Expansion packs or downloadable content, whatever you like to call it, will be many, according to Bethesda. The third DLC Nuka World is scheduled for launch in a couple of weeks, most probably in the month of August. Most fans and longtime patrons of the game believed that it will be the last because they have already released plenty of content.

However, Bethesda revealed at the E3 2016 event and in recent interviews that there is going to be more content to look forward to after Nuka World. Fallout 4 world is expanding at a rapid rate and they are even working to bring mods to PS4 and Xbox One consoles. There have been several technical issues on the Playstation 4 console due to PC textures and mod sizes. Bethesda is working closely with Sony to fix them all so that all mods are supported as promised.

Nuka World

Three different DLCs were released for Fallout 4 and a number of smaller content packs were also rolled out including the latest Contraptions workshop. The next in the series named Vault Tech is all set to be out in the month of July. The Nuka World expansion pack is scheduled for the game in August this year.

Talking about adding more content to the game, Peter Hines from the development team commented that they just can’t confirm what the entire group is up to. It could probably be the team’s decision to develop newer content and keep the fans engaged. The chances of them making more expansion packs are high as they are interested in developing the world of Fallout 4 into newer areas.

The game is known for offering players a huge open world environment. Skyrim did the same set in the medieval times while Fallout 4 is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the only way to win is to scavenge for items. It is one of the most successful games in recent times and continues to set a new benchmark for other developers. With more DLCs, players are sure going to enjoy it like never before.

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