Overwatch Torbjorn Nerfed On PS4 and Xbox One, Not On PC


MOBAs are always about changes because hero balance is important.

A particular Overwatch hero named Torbjorn is being nerfed, not on PC but only on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

When it comes to playing shooter games, PC is always considered the most favorable platform because of the mouse and keyboard combo. The pointer is much precise when using them when compared to controllers in a console. The developers of Overwatch, Blizzard has stated the same reason when they nerfed the hero Torbjorn on PS4 and Xbox One consoles but not on the PC platform. The information was confirmed by Jeff Kaplan, the game director.

According to his statement, Torbjorn uses a turret with auto-aiming capabilities. The damage capacity of the turret has been reduced by thirty percent on Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles. The update is expected to go live in the middle of July next month and the actual release date is based on 1st party certification times. Both Microsoft and Sony has to confirm such updates before they are rolled out to the respective consoles.

Overwatch Torbjorn Nerfed

Most players, including those hardcore people on Reddit said that Torbjorn’s auto-aiming turret is always quick to shoot anyone who crosses its path. If you can quickly aim and shoot it down, it won’t do much damage. Such quick reflexes are possible only when you use a mouse and a keyboard. Console gamers need some time to adjust their aim and shoot down the turret which is why it’s damage has been reduced only on the PS4 and Xbox One.

In other news, Blizzard launched the competitive mode. It is finally out of its beta stage and is available for public. PC gamers were the first ones to try the ranked mode before it is to be introduced to the generic crowd. There is no word from the developers on the same.

Overwatch is an extremely successful launch by Blizzard which made a good impact in the world of MOBAs. The title comes from a reputed publishing company which made it an instant hit. However, the game seriously lacks in number of heroes and maps. Developers in a recent video confirmed they are working hard to introduce new characters into the title as well brand new maps. Within the next few months, Overwatch is expected to be a huge MOBA in the following months and offer players a reason to hop onto multiplayer matches repeatedly.

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