Fallout 4 PS4 Mods Cause Issues, Bethesda to Fix it Soon

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Modding games has never been an easy task on consoles which is why it was left to PC gamers for many years. Fallout 4 developers Bethesda however is pushing boundaries but it looks like they have plenty of work to do.

When Bethesda officially announced that they are going to bring Fallout 4 mods to PS4 and Xbox One console, players were overjoyed. The creation kit which enables individuals to create mods of their own will soon be rolled out in its beta stage. The version 1.5.4 is the first to find its way to the Playstation 4 console. It has already been confirmed that the PC textures used in existing mods have started causing memory usage and performance issues on the console.

The developer team is working on ways to fix it. Without using existing mods from the PC version, the modding community on Fallout 4 console edition could be really dull. There are hundreds of such modifications available online which when ported will instantly allow gamers to enjoy them all at once. However, trying to create them from the scratch is an extremely difficult process which Bethesda would avoid at any cost.

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In their statement, the developers confirmed that they are working with Sony to fix these issues and ensure a smooth launch on the PS4 platform. There is a third issue which is mammoth and may or may have a solution. On the Playstation 4 console, there is a limit on the size of mods that could be created and stored. The maximum size permitted is 900 MB and almost most popular modifications available for Fallout 4 is much bigger than this limit.

When mods are bigger than the specified size, they tend to create performance issues and crashes. In comparison, the game is much inferior in looks and overall appeal on the PS4 platform when put next to the Xbox One and the PC edition. PC is obviously the most popular choice for gamers ever since the game got launched. The title is out after nearly a seven year wait and it didn’t have state-of-the-art graphics even on PCs.

Yet, the open world exploration and the experience is offered for players is something no other game can claim, except for ones like Skyrim. All these titles are made by Bethesda and we can rely on them to fix the mod issues to make it playable on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

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