OnePlus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Which is the True Leader?

OnePlus 3

The Samsung Galaxy S7 may not be the flavor of the month due to several launches by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and even Apple.

However, it remains in front of the queue when it comes to overall performance levels. The Galaxy S7 is still the best android phone money can buy, but it may face a strong competition in the next few weeks especially after the arrival of the OnePlus 3. At almost half the price of the Samsung Galaxy S7, the OnePlus 3 is able to offer class leading specifications coupled with a user interface based on android OS.

The OnePlus 3 may seem to have the advantage in terms of display size since it has a 5.5-inch screen compared to the 5.1 inch display on the Samsung Galaxy S7. However, there is a lot of differences in terms of detail and it is easy to see why the Galaxy S7 is adjudged to have the best display amongst any smartphone right now. The 5.1-inch screen size coupled with QHD resolution provide the best possible base for Samsung Galaxy S7 to thrive in terms of display. The phone has an extremely high pixel density of 577 PPI – a figure matched by few smartphones in the world.

oneplus 3 leaked image

Compared to the QHD resolution, it may be a disappointment to see the OnePlus 3 offer only 1080p as standard. However, the display makes it possible for the OnePlus 3 to come with an excellent battery life. A pixel density of just over 400 PPI sounds good and looks great in person, but it surrenders without a fight when it comes to the QHD resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung has provided some nice touches like the Always On display and a much improved fingerprint sensor. However, it lacks some key elements like a USB Type-C port, which will become very common sooner rather than later. Even previous generation of the OnePlus 3 came with this feature and it is a glaring omission on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The front camera, which has an eight-megapixel sensor, on the OnePlus 3 is slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy S7’s five-megapixel shooter. There is an equally big a difference in the rear with the OnePlus 3 coming with a 16-megapixel shooter to combat a 12-megapixel camera on the Galaxy S7. The latter, though, is faster with its Exynos processor rather than the OnePlus 3 which relies on a snapdragon processor.

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