A Faulty Google Nexus 5X Phone? Worry Less as LG is Offering Full Refunds

google nexus 5x

No smartphone is perfect, but there is no worse thing than experiencing a hardware problem that you can do nothing to solve. This is what some Google Nexus 5X users have been going through, but the good side of the story is that the phone’s maker, LG, has come to their rescue.

A few months ago, it emerged that some Google Nexus 5X users were experiencing a weird problem with their phones. Known as boot loop, this hardware problem resulted in a bricked phone, but unlike other common problems such as cracked or broken screen, it has been determined that this boot loop issue cannot be resolved using a software tweak.

Google Nexus 5X

LG started offering owners of the Google Nexus 5X some hope when the South Korean tech giant started taking in the device for repairs. While the problem has been solved on several occasions, there are some cases where the engineers have been unable to overcome the boot loop problem. As a result, LG has chosen to make full refunds for those Nexus 5X phones that can’t be repaired.

The Google Nexus 5X is now more than a year old and in fact, it has already been succeeded by the high-end Google Pixel phone. Given its age, owners of the phone should be happy with the deal. According to LG, the main reason why it is choosing to make full refunds is because some of the parts required to fix the phone are no longer available in the market, which makes it hard to take care of the issue.

Once you send your Google Nexus 5X to LG and the team is unable to fix the phone, you will be emailed with details of this refund offer. All you need is to provide proof of purchase and you shall a full refund, even though you may have already used the phone for over a year now. Cool huh!

3 thoughts on “A Faulty Google Nexus 5X Phone? Worry Less as LG is Offering Full Refunds”

  1. Not entirely accurate – I sent my bootlooping phone in for repair and they didn’t offer a refund, instead they said they “fixed” it and sent it back to me. After a few minutes I found it was bootlooping again. I called them up and asked about the refund since by now the story of refunds was doing the rounds online – they told me there was no guarantee of a refund and they were going to try to fix it again. It sounds like LG haven’t gone all consumer friendly with the refunds like these articles claim. They are just trying to salvage a few non-bootlooping motherboards by forcing customers to have to go through the repair process multiple times even though there is a tiny chance of the repair actually working.

    1. Same here they claimed to have fixed it but as soon as I turned it on it continued the boot loop. I sent it back that same day. I believe LG now is stalling with these “repairs” until the phone falls out of the 15 month manufacturer warranty

  2. Same here as well. Sent my 5X in for bootloop issue. I only had it 12 months until the bootloop issue caused it to be bricked. Even Google told me to send it in to LG plus I had also paid for the Nexus Protect. Every day I check the website and it says “Repair in Progress.” I also believe they are stalling also so that they don’t have to do anything. My previous phone was a Nexus 5 and it had a serious earpiece speaker issue so I had to get replace it with this piece of junk. No more LG products for me ever again!!!

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