Google is Rewarding Android Pay Users, but there’s a Catch

Android Pay

The smartphone is a revolutionary device and ever since it replaced the traditional telephones, the device has moved on swiftly to take the place of DSLR cameras.

Despite numerous attempts and claims that smartphones will replace the PC world, it has become obvious that this will not be happening anytime soon. However, what seems to have already taken shape is the fact that smartphones have changed the way we shop thanks to mobile payment platforms such as Android Pay.
Android Pay
Many people out there use Android Pay on a daily basis, especially when it comes to making purchases or shopping in different stores. The application has meant that no more carrying around of credit cards and wallets full of cash, instead, the only thing you need is your Android phone and that’s it.

Since Android Pay has been seeing huge competition in the recent past courtesy of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, the former now wants to step up its presence during this holiday shopping season. However, this will not be covering the entire globe, instead, the company will be focusing on the UK market.

If you live in the giant European economy, Android Pay has some amazing rewards for you, both small and big. These rewards can only be unlocked whenever you make a transaction using Android Pay between now and December 31, 2016.

According to Google, whenever one makes a transaction on Android Pay, a Christmas cracker will show up on the screen of the handset and when one taps on it, a surprise reward will be revealed. Apparently, you stand a chance to win about 80,000 different prizes and in fact, four main Android Pay partners are already on board – Costa Coffee, ODEON Cinemas, House of Fraser as well as Currys PC World.

Google Rewards Android Pay Users

Android Pay has seen a huge following come its way in the UK and it is no wonder Google feels that there is need to throw in some decent rewards to keep its early adopters happy. Of course, the four partners are not the only places where Android Pay is used – there are more places you can use it – but Google has not confirmed whether this reward program will also be applicable in other stores sooner or later.

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