FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 – A Tough Choice to Make as Both are Equally Good this Year

The long running debate of FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 is something football players are used to by now.

Every year, the games keep getting better and sometimes developers ruin the overall experience but the debate continues.

FIFA 17 vs PES 2017

PES 2017 has always been ahead in terms of gameplay while FIFA 17 from Electronic Arts is the best in presentation. The single player career mode just got really good with the latter this year while the Konami game offers simply superb fun if you are planning to play multiple matches with competitive friends. So, which one should you buy this year?

FIFA 17 – It’s Purely for Solo Play

The arguments will never cease to exist but FIFA 17 is designed for solo play. Electronic Arts developers introduced a brand new character. He just keeps getting better with every new update. The character can now speak more languages, has new outfits and most importantly players have already spent 124 million hours playing him, according to a statistics by EA.

With all new ball attacking system, improved DICE engine powered graphics and an active intelligent system, FIFA 17 is what you need if you don’t have too many friends to play with. You can always go online, enjoy great career mode which is the franchise is known for and immerse yourself in amazing soundtracks. Gameplay is still fun, bit like arcade machines but easy to learn allowing you to enjoy it than honing your goal skills.

PES 2017 – For Hardcore Team Players, LAN Parties

Konami continues to use the same, improved version of the game engine to build PES 2017. The last two years weren’t the best for the company but things look much better now. The real touch and precise pass features in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is what sets it apart from competition. Each player has unique moves and interact with the ball differently. Passing is not an easy task when you have multiple friends of yours controlling the pitch. The precision makes way for competitive gameplay without that fancy soundtrack that FIFA players are in love with.

PES 2017

The improved graphics puts you right in the middle of the action! Players look more authentic than ever, has moves mimicked from their real life actions and and stumble when passing as one would do. The authenticity and realism has always made PES 2017 the best choice if you don’t like to compromise on gameplay or like to have things easy. AI is aggressive and so is your team control to tackle it.

2 thoughts on “FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 – A Tough Choice to Make as Both are Equally Good this Year”

  1. Haven’t played FiFa but PES 2017 is probably the worst PES I have ever played. There is so much wrong with the game that I have stopped playing it from pure frustration. Try playing Top player, it’s so illogical. You can’t win headers, duels, and amount of cards I get is absurd. I wish Konami gives up, they are just not good enough. The only good game they ever made was Winning Eleven 9.

  2. FIFA17 is more of wwe…tackles on you are hard that you think you are in for a smack down.the physical collision is too much…ea should improve that..kudos to Konami, you have the best graphics..I feel like playing a live match

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