FIFA 17 Wishlist: Release Date and Key Features to Expect


There is no doubt FIFA 17 will be launched this year. EA SPORTS has already confirmed three major areas to be upgraded in the forthcoming game.

Speaking on 10th May during the company’s earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson actually confirmed a major upgrade in immersion, personalization, and competition in the game’s next edition. However, Mr. Andrew did not confirm the exact date of the release but we speculate it to be around June as always been the tradition.

With the next game in the series almost guaranteed in June, there are those features you wish for that are still missing. It’s true the game has essentially advanced over the years since its burst 23 years ago, however, latest FIFAs 16, 15 and 14 are good games but not perfect. Here is a feature wishlist that every gamer would love to see in FIFA 17.

A TV Channel in the game

Sky Sports has introduced familiar faces like Alan Smith, Geoff Shreeves and Martin Tyler in the recent years and it’s time for EA SPORTS to move in the same line. FIFA 17 can be more realistic with the introduction of an in-game TV Channel that introduces you into the match, provides a brief analysis at half time and compressive highlights at full time. This could be a leap forward but the biggest challenge is the pre-recording lines that windbag the gamers quickly. However, the company can do even better by providing space for different versions of the lines.


A little more realism in time wasting       

Time wasting while playing the computer in career mode is far from real in FIFA 16 and preceding editions. It’s even worse when you are playing against a far much weaker team and you can’t get back the ball in the last 15 minutes of play. In fact, what you can do is play the ball out as you tackle. The frustration moment happens in real life football when a team is down and opponent players are out to waste time, but it far from real if tiny strikers consistently defy several muscular tackles.

Improved celebrations

Although FIFA celebrations make a lot of fun, they don’t accurately depict real life. Modifying players’ celebrations is a beautifying change that will bring more life to the game. Alongside the current couple of players interacting and the customary corner flag celebrations, FIFA 17 should include more vigorous celebrations particularly on last minute goals. Players piling, patting one another, air ruffles and celebrating with the crowd are some of the inclusions gamers are dying to see in the next edition of the EA game.

Authentic managers

Every year the company does a great job: adding a new set of player likeness. However, improvisation of manager’s authenticity is one part it has not done much on. If EA can get licenses to include managers in FIFA 17, it would be fantastic. The fans would want to see real managers enter the technical area, shaking hands and racing up and down the touchline, not the usual bald headed old ghost-like men.


Improvised crowd animations

The crowd should be made more lively and eager. A Phenomenon of the crowd walking out of the stadium when their team is lagging behind with a big goal difference like 5-0 will not only be amazing but also realistic. The crowd should also be more enthusiastic and cheer every goal as well as react appropriately to every pass, goal kick and so on.

Additional leagues

Leagues like Ukrainian, Serbian, Finland, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech and Croatian among other leagues should be part of the new FIFA 17. Besides, Brazilian and other South American leagues like Uruguayan, Venezuelan, Ecuadorian, and Bolivian are also necessary. Lastly, women and more of African leagues will be a huge step ahead for the amazing game.

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