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WhatsApp Tips

The world is ever changing and so is the behavior of man. Mobile space and particularly how we message one another has changed greatly over the past five years.  At the outset was SMS and then came BBM and now WhatsApp has taken over the world as the most popular messaging app.

SMS was the first to hit mobile messaging space. Thereafter, BlackBerry’s BBM/IM rose to command the market. Over the years, a number of tech companies including Google, Microsoft, and Apple have developed numerous IM apps but none has won the hearts of many users as WhatsApp. The instant messaging idea came from two frustrated engineers Jan Koum and Brian Acton. The duo left their jobs at Yahoo to seek employment at Facebook. Unfortunately, they were turned down at the social media livewire. With nothing to do Jan and Brian developed an interest in the then sprouting App Store where they worked on the idea of a messaging client.

As at now WhatsApp has one billion active users just seven years after its incorporation in 2009. Besides, the service is the most used and trusted messaging platform in the world. The application’s users send 250 million videos, 42 billion messages and 1.6 billion images a day. Additionally, there are more than 1 billion WhatsApp groups. Facebook saw the opportunity in the app and acquired it at $19 billion.

Almost everyone uses the app today and probably you are one of them. Did you know that you can be an ace in WhatsApp chatting? Here is a collection simple tricks, tips, and tweaks to make chatting on WhatsApp an enjoyable experience.

Hide when “Last Seen” last online

The messenger by default allows people seen when you were last online. However, you are at liberty to hide this timestamp or choose people who can see it. In your Messenger, go to Settings then Account> Privacy and choose between My contacts or Nobody. The former allows only those in your contact list to see the timestamp while the latter locks everyone from seeing your status.

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Disable “Blue Ticks”-Read Receipts

The little blue ticks next to a message shows that the text has been read. Disabling this check marks is important more so when you are busy and you want to brush off your friends without them knowing. Just like “Last Seen” they come in handy. To disable the receipts, in Settings go to Account>Privacy. Then switch Read Receipts option to off.

Have your conversation saved as a text file

This is a great record-keeping feature in WhatsApp. This is how to do it:

  • Open individual or group chat
  • Tap on Menu button
  • Select More
  • Select Email chat

As simple as that an email will automatically be composed with the chat history attached as a document.

 Backup and Restore chats

Here is another useful feature in WhatsApp considering that people change devices or sometimes they get lost. Once you have backed up your messages on your current device you can restore them on your new gadget.

  • Go to Settings in WhatsApp then Chats>Chats Backup
  • Select Back Up Now

That’s how to back up data. To restore them on your new device, you will be asked whether you would like to restore chats from the previous backup while installing the app.

Block contacts

This feature is quite useful when you want to avoid spams or just block a contact.

  • Select the chats by the contact
  • Tap on the contact name or the contact number
  • Select Block this Contact

See the contact you converse with most

To know who you share with most, just head to Settings>Account>Storage Usage. WhatsApp displays a list of contacts with the number of texts you have exchanged.

Star a message

This feature is handy when a message contains important information. So instead of swiping through your conversation to get it, WhatsApp allows you star such messages as favorites so that you can see them at first sight in one place.

  • Long press on the message until a dialog box appears
  • Select the star button
  • To see the messages you starred, go to Settings then select Starred messages


Format messages

These a new feature added by WhatsApp. Bolding, italicizing and striking a text can be done by enclosing the text with special characters then you tap.

  • Bolding- Enclose the text with asterisks (*bold*)
  • Striking through a text-Enclose the text with tildes (~tilde~)
  • Italicizing-Enclose the text with underscores (_italics_)

Block auto-file saving

Go to Settings>Chats>switch the Incoming Media to off.

Mute group chats

To disable group chat notification on Android is different from how you do it on iPhone.

  • On Android- Open chat, select the Menu button, select Mute then choose a time frame.
  • On iPhone- Open chat, select subject to display Group Info Screen, tap on Mute and finally choose a time frame.

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