FIFA 18 Beats Shadow of War and Evil Within 2 in UK Charts


The games sale charts are supposed to be dominated by new releases especially when they are AAA titles.

But, FIFA 18 from Electronic Arts continues to top the UK charts as the newly released Evil Within 2 and Shadow of War has lost to the competition.

Every year, EA’s FIFA gets released and manages to break records for a couple of months. This year’s FIFA 18 was one of the most criticized games for its slow gameplay, lack of new content and better graphics. The developers are being criticized for rehashing the same content over and over again.

FIFA 18 Beats Shadow of War and Evil Within 2 in UK Charts

Yet, the sale records say otherwise because the game has topped the charts for three continuous weeks. The UK records refer to the physical copies and when it does so well in this market, digital sales are expected to be much higher due to discounted pricing and early sales. The newly released Middle Earth Shadow of War has managed to acquire the third place whereas the horror survival title Evil Within 2 is now in the third place.

There’s some bad news for Xbox fans because with these two AAA titles getting released in the same week, they managed to push such a hyped exclusive title to the back. Forza Motorsport 7 was supposed to be a game like Uncharted and Gran Turismo on the PS4 console. However, it lost in terms of physical copy sales primarily because the Xbox One X is not launched yet.

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When the 4K resolution and improved textures are introduced to players, it might push the Forza series to a much better position. Forza Horizon 3 is in the fifth place while Destiny 2 is in the sixth position.

FIFA 18 Beats Shadow of War

Compared to the launch week, the sales of physical copies of FIFA 18 on all platforms has dropped by a massive 55% yet it manages to stay on top. Despite the dip, the game managed to sell 40% more than Shadow of War to acquire the top position. Another reason is that the Lord of the Rings game failed to impress players as it has more enemies, new weapons and a bigger map but the lack of a compelling story and presentation acts as a deterrent for buyers.

Grand Theft Auto V is among the top 10 list in the UK charts at number 7 followed by Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, a PS4 exclusive at No. 8 followed by Lego Worlds and The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game in the last position.

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