Finally, Apple iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease has a Solution

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has been busy in the recent past with cases of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S. While the smaller versions of the iPhone 6 are suffering from what has now become the #batterygate issue, the Plus version of the 2014 model has its own issue known as “Touch Disease.”

As weird as the name sounds, this is actually what is affecting the iPhone 6 Plus. What the phrase Touch Disease means is that the iPhone in question experiences display flickering or rather multi-touch issues, but this only happens when the iPhone 6 Plus is under stress. This stress part could be a little confusing for some, but it only implies to activities such as being bent on more than several occasions or even dropping it on a hard surface.

It has been confirmed by users of the iPhone 6 Plus that the phone will easily stop working for months, something that has prompted Apple to come in with a solution to the problem. According to iFixit, the Touch Disease is as a result of faulty chips that are located inside the phone and when the 2014 flagship is dropped onto a hard surface or bent, the chips loosen.

Since this is a problem that Apple believes is user-induced, the tech giant will be offering a paid-for solution to those using the iPhone 6 Plus. Apparently, you will need to part with $149 in order to get your phone fixed. However, you also need to have the phone in good shape, that is, it should be working properly without any broken or cracked screens.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Like the case of the #batterygate issue where Apple is only offering solutions for the iPhone 6S yet more devices are affected, the company is only attending to iPhone 6 Plus users whose devices are showing the Touch Disease symptoms, yet some iPhone 6 users have also reported the issue with their phones.

Dubbed the Multi-Touch Repair Program, iPhone 6 Plus devices with this issue can be taken to any Apple authorized service provider, Apple Technical Support or Apple Retail Store, but keep in mind that you will still have to part with $149 for the issue to be solved. Apple has also added that the program will cover the iPhone 6 Plus for five years, beginning from the date the phone was first released for retail sale.

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