Snapchat Introduces Groups for Communicating Better During the Holiday Season


The group conversations in the chat apps have been taken for granted by many people.

However, the group chats are probably the one and only important feature that has been conspicuously omitted by Snapchat since the time it had launched its chat app. However, that has changed now, since Snapchat, now renamed as Snap Inc., is all set to roll out Groups to both the Android and iOS platforms. The conversations in these groups can be held up with up to 16 participants.


Organize Occasions Better with Snap Groups

With the holiday season kicking in, it is definitely the best time to hang out and spend time with friends and family, and it is at the right time that Snap Inc. has announced its new update, the Groups, which is probably the best way to communicate with loved ones during the festive times. Snapchat, being one of the most popular social networking apps, is probably the best way of organizing get-togethers during the festive season. For example, with Groups, the users can now invite up to 16 people over for a weekend dinner or it can also be useful for coordinating plans for lunch etc. Just like a regular chat, the users can also share stickers, images, videos, and voice clips on the Groups.

The only drawback of the Groups feature is that with the limit of having just 16 people in a group, it might be a bit unfortunate for people who are trying to organize a bigger event.

Create a Snap Group

All the loyal Snap users can now communicate with each other by creating groups. These Groups can be created when the users are starting a new chat or when they are sending a Snap. The users can also give a name to these groups. When the friends of the user are present in the Group for chatting, their name will be displayed at the bottom of the chat. The users will just have to tap on the names of the other people who are also in the group to start a one-on-one private chat. They can again return back to the group chat at any point of time with just a single swipe. The company has called this as Quick Chat and it is probably the fastest method to keep up with a conversation that is ongoing with one friend without having to spam the whole group.

After 24 hours of sending a chat to a group, it will get deleted by default. The Snaps that are sent in a Group can be opened and replayed by each recipient just one time. Just like the Chats, if a Snap is not opened, it will get deleted after 24 hours.

New Creative Tools

Apart from introducing the Group chats, Snap Inc. has also come up with two new Creative Tools, called the Scissors and the Paintbrush. The Scissors is a tool which can be used to chop off a part of the Snap on the Preview screen which will, in turn, change it into a sticker. The Paintbrush is a tool which can be used to add art and special effects to Snaps that are saved in Memories and turn the Snap into a creative masterpiece. These features are expected to be rolled out slowly in the future.

Snapchat Group Chat

The Groups on Snap has been the one feature that has kept the users waiting for a long time. Apart from the 16 member limit, the Groups gives the users one less reason for using any another chat app or social network, which is exactly what Snapchat really wants.

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