Finally: iOS 10 to Let Users Remove Stock iPhone Apps

iOS 10

Apple’s WWDC 2016 is turning out to be an interesting event than most expected. The release of iOS 10 has brought in quite a number of new additions, enhancements as well as fixes to bugs found in last year’s iOS 9.

As of now, the company has already availed the iOS 10 beta for download and as it seems, there are a few amazing abilities the OS has brought in. In addition to major fixes and improvements to the Camera app where users will now be able to take quick photos without getting their currently playing music automatically paused, it has now emerged that the new Apple OS will also allow users of iPhones do what even Android users cannot do – remove stock apps from the iPhone, iPod and iPad homescreens.

This is a great addition for those using iOS devices as it will eliminate the need for hiding the apps you don’t want on the homescreen in a folder.

There is no doubt that Apple is one of the most, if not the most, conventional OEM as far as bloatware is concerned. However, with almost every other app having more than two alternatives in the current market, one might want to get rid of certain apps on their device, especially the natively installed ones.

There are some apps that require a subscription in order to use them, yet you can’t afford them. There are others you simply don’t prefer using as you already have better alternatives. Perhaps you are the type who doesn’t like seeing any app they don’t use unnecessarily cluttering the homescreen. Well, the new iOS 10 update is a new way out for you.

It has been happening with third-party apps and now the same process will be applicable to stock apps as well. All you need to do is press the icon of the app you want to remove and when it jiggles, hit the X that shows up.

iOS 10

There are some limitations

Even though Apple has made a great move by allowing users of iOS 10 to remove apps that they don’t use from the homescreen, there is still some incompleteness in this feature. While you can remove the Apple Maps app from your homescreen, it is not possible to reassign Google Maps, for example, as the default mapping app. However, since this feature just made its appearance in the first iOS 10 beta, we expect more improvements to come by the time the stable version is rolled out later in fall.

Apple will warn you that deleting these stock apps might have some effects on system functions or information, however, you can ignore this message. Still, you can easily re-download any removed app just in case you feel like using it.

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