Minecraft 1.10 (Frostburn) Update Available For Mac and PC Gamers


Minecraft has received the latest major update, Minecraft 1.10 also referred to as Frostburn. Mojang announced the new update that features modifications and addition of new functionalities.

Frostburn update mainly brings changes to the coldest and hottest regions of the game. The update adds charming polar bears, a new type of Skeleton, and Strays to the frozen biomes. Conversely, the deserts will feature Husks, fossils, and a stronger Zombie variant.

Besides the alterations, Frostburn will sport a new Technical Block. The developer has added a new technical block to the Creative Mode admins. Map makers will be allowed to store and place templates of structures dynamically by the aid of ‘Redstone trickery’.

Apart from the stronger zombies and the fascinating polar bears, Frostburn packs lots of bug fixes and additions which include an auto-jump option. Mojang also said some commands will be improved. Many types of structure blocks will also be available for the custom maps. The blocks include Wart Block, Red Nether Bricks, and Magma blocks. Frostburn 1.1 update will also allow gamers to discover abandoned gold mines in upland biomes. Occasionally, players can even discover some trees in the plains. The update will also feature more types of villages based on the biomes they belong to. Besides, there will be better paths between buildings.  To crown it, the mushrooms have been made better by increasing the size, they are now bigger than before. Notably, the Herobrine has been removed again.


Mojang’s list of changes

Here is the detailed list Mojang released: A lot of bug fixes, addition of a polar bear, an auto-jump option, addition of Stray and Husk, structure blocks meant for custom maps, underground fossils made from bone blocks, enhancements to some commands, addition of Magma Block, extra Nether Wart Block and Red Nether Bricks, some huge mushroom will be even be larger, discover abandoned mineshafts filled with gold in plateau biomes, uncommon chance to find lonely trees in the plains, more variations of villages depending on which biomes they are built in, villages make better paths between the buildings, Endermen spotted in the Nether. Finally, the removal of Herobrine again.

For more information concerning Frostburn, Minecraft fans can check out at minecraft.gamepedia.com. The update will automatically download in Minecraft launcher for PC gamers. Note that the update is for the mothership of Mac and PC build only. Gamers on consoles, Windows 10 and mobile run on their own schedule.

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