Finally, Samsung Galaxy A9 Receives Android Marshmallow

Samsung Galaxy A9

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2016 seemed to be an outdated model in the area of smartphones with latest operating systems.

Samsung launched the phone only in December 2015, but surprised many by offering the device with the older android 5.1 operating system rather than the 6.0 marshmallow OS. Some of the other weak points on the Samsung Galaxy A9 2016 where the camera and the slightly lower resolution on the 6 inch display. Clearly, this was a phablet aimed at the price conscious buyers, who were also keen on owning a stylish device.

As a result, many felt that the Samsung Galaxy A9 tried to do too many things at once. Samsung, though, promised updates to the android 6.0 operating system without any delay. They have struck with their words and the phone has been receiving a global update in the last week. The operating system on the Samsung Galaxy A9 will be improved to the 6.0.1, which is the latest available version of android, to bring several great features.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Receives Android Marshmallow

Android marshmallow largely focuses on improving efficiency and battery life. Google Now on Tap is probably the biggest visible and day-to-day change one may encounter on the device. However, there is a lot more going on underneath the skin with Google bringing out its new Doze Mode feature, which has been made to improve battery life by switching of many apps when a period of inactivity is directed.

There has been a growing number of smartphones with support for fingerprint sensors and the android 6.0 marshmallow brings native support for fingerprint sensors. Up until now, manufacturers have been using their own interface to improve the device with such features. Granular permissions will mean that users will be able to understand everything that is going on underneath the skin in terms of permissions. The operating system will also have the ability to treat the external memory card as part of the internal memory, but this feature is limited in certain devices alone.

One of the biggest strong points of the Samsung Galaxy A9 has been its build quality, which may rival high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone has now addressed a huge weak point in the form of its operating system. However, the update comes after almost 6 months since the phone was made available. Samsung will be hoping that this move helps spice up sales.

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