Five Features from Google That Are Exclusive Only To the Pixel Phone Users

Pixel Phone Features

Google had announced recently at its event in San Francisco about the launch of its two new mobile devices, the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL.

The starting price of the phones in Indian and other countries were also announced at the conference. The Pixel’s price ranges from Rs. 57,000 for the 32 GB variant and the Pixel XL will be costing a whopping Rs. 67,000 for it 32 GB variant. Both the devices are almost similar except when it comes to the resolution part and the screen size. The battery is also different for both the phones, though both are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with a RAM memory of 4 GB. Both the devices come with a front camera of 8 megapixels resolution and 12.3-megapixel rear camera. Both the mobile devices do live up in many ways to their premium pricing.

Pixel Phone Features

Both these phones come packed with some unique features which will available only for the Pixel range of devices. That means these features will not be available to the other Android mobile devices. The most important five unique features that have been introduced by Google to the Pixel devices, which will distinguish them clearly from the other Android smartphones are listed here.

  1. Unlimited Storage For Photos and Videos

If you are a regular user of Google Photos, then you can backup all your photos and videos here without having to pay anything. Although it is a great feature, Google tends to compress the files and images to a high-quality size. Though it is not really an issue if you will be viewing them on your mobile screen only, but the compressions might start looking bad if printouts are taken of these images or if they are viewed on a large 4K monitor. With the Google Pixel phones out here, it offers unlimited backups of all your photos and videos at full resolution. Even the videos that are recorded at 4K will have an unlimited and free backup on the cloud.

Pixel Unlimited Storage For Photos and Videos

  1. Smart Storage

 The one thing that is better than having backups that are unlimited is not worrying about managing them. Google has introduced the Smart Storage feature which will wipe-out the photos and videos from your Pixel phone and push it to your cloud account automatically when the phone is running low on space. And with the unlimited backup offer, the quality of the videos and images is not lost at all. So now if you wish to capture 4K videos, then the 32 GB variant of your phone will still be adequate since the files will be put up on the cloud instead of just piling it up on your phone.

  1. Google Assistant

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the first smartphones which come with a built-in Google Assistant feature. The Google Assistant will be available on the home screen and can be enabled by long-pressing the home button. Apart from being a voice search interface, the Google Assistant is also backed up by AI smarts and it also digs up the information from earlier interactions of the user with Allo and contextualizes it. The Assistant can also be used to add events to the phone’s calendar, create grocery lists, and also help in navigating back home. Though a timeline has not been announced yet, Google has assured that the Assistant will be available soon for other Android phones also.

  1. Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher

Another feature that is exclusive to the Google Pixel phones only is the Pixel Launcher, which is the new evolved Google Now Launcher. With the Google Pixel Launcher, Google Now will be replaced by Google Assistant. The Google pixel Launcher comes with a dynamic calendar-like icon, which displays the date at a glance, has a revamped app drawer, new round icons for the apps, and a lot more.

  1. Full Customer Support

One of the most important problems that come with buying a phone is getting proper customer support. Since it is aware of this issue, Google has offered a 24/7 customer support by both text and voice processes. It also offers a screen sharing solution which will allow the tech-support team to directly see your screen and diagnose the issues. However, it is an optional setting, if you are worried about any security issues. This requires a lot of manpower to be put in the right place and so Google will not be rolling out this feature to all its phones except for the Pixel range. However, it is up to the manufacturers of the other Android phones if they wish to add a similar feature all by themselves.

Google customer support

The Bonus Offering

Another cool feature that has been offered by Google at its event is the Dongle and Quick Switch feature. With the Quick Switch feature, you can use the adapter and switch to a Google Pixel phone by copying all the information and data from any other Android phone or also an iPhone by just following the instructions on how to transfer the data, which will be displayed on the screen. Though the implementation of this feature is appealing, it is not a unique feature since other brands like Motorola and Samsung are using their own solutions to migrate from other hardware.

Google Pixel Quick Switch feature

Google has assured that it will bring these features to the other Android Nougat 7.0 devices also. However, it might not be out anytime soon. Side-loading of the Beta versions is an option, which can be done by following the guide book that has been released for it.

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