Redmi K70 Ultra to Have Bigger Battery Than its Predecessor, Suggests a Leak

Redmi K60 Ultra

Redmi has already launched the K70 series in China last November. While there were only 3 smartphones in the K70 series, the fourth one, Redmi K70 Ultra is still in the making.

The K70 series included the base variant Redmi K70, the Pro version Redmi K70 Pro and the ‘lite’ version Redmi K70e smartphones. A new leak has emerged regarding the fourth smartphone in the series, the Redmi K70 Ultra and this comes from a Chinese Tipster called Smart Pikachu on Weibo.

Redmi K70 Ultra battery leak

The leaker suggests that the battery capacity of the Redmi K70 Ultra could be higher than its previous version K60 Ultra. The leak suggests that there could be a 24GB variant, which will have a bigger battery size.

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Redmi K60 Ultra which was released last year had a 5000 mAh battery. If the battery capacity is going to be ‘bigger’, then it could be 5500 mAh or higher, as observed from the acknowledgment given by the leaker in the comments section.

Redmi K70 Ultra battery leak smart pikachu

The post also suggested that the phone won’t support Satellite connectivity and also a new Redmi tablet would be launched in China pretty soon. However, no details were mentioned.

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The model number of the smartphone hasn’t been revealed yet and hence we don’t know of any certifications this phone has bagged. Since the launch is pretty far away, we won’t have confirmed details until about a few months ahead of release.

Release Date of K70 Ultra

Redmi K60 Ultra was launched almost 8 months after the K60 series was launched in China. While it launched, there was also the K60 Extreme Edition. So if we were to expect a similar timeframe for the K70 series too, the K70 Ultra would be launched only around July-August this year. And there could be an ‘Extreme‘ edition too! Stay tuned for more updates.

Featured Image: Redmi K60 Ultra

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