Ford Kuga ST Line Official Pricing and Trimlines Confirmed

Ford Kuga ST Line

The SUV lineup from Ford has just grown in size with the new Kuga ST. It makes the car look sportier and provides better suspension offering the best in-car comfort for its passengers.

With these new changes, the Ford Kuga ST now has better aerodynamics. The modification gives a person complete control and a fun filled driving experience. The official pricing for the model in the UK region has been announced. The ST-line base model is priced at £25,845. The automobile brand has confirmed that sales will begin in the first week of September at all Ford dealership stores.

Brands are aware of the fact that they are supposed to keep refreshing their existing lineup and offer new models so as to keep buyers interested in their products. The Ford Kuga ST lineup is a great example as the engineers have added some cool stuff to differentiate it from the one already available in the market. The new ST upgrades the SUV to 18 or 19-inch black alloy wheels for maximum grip and comfort.

In addition to the same, the updated version uses sports seat which features a part leather finish. While we do wish it could be full leather, cost constraints do play a role when they have to offer improvements in every other are and not just the seats. The ride height is lowered to 10mm close to the ground that contributes a fair share to better aerodynamics.

Ford Kuga ST

The Ford Kuga ST lineup also includes tinted headlights, matte black grille and roof rails. The components when put together makes the SUV look a lot sportier than it has ever been. Some minor modifications are made on the interiors of the car. The steering has been tuned for tighter control and new anti-roll bars are added to the setup to ensure a performance driven experience.

The base model is powered by a 1.5-liter TDCi diesel engine which delivers up to 119 horsepower. The default version of the model uses a front wheel drive system which can be upgraded to the AWD system equipped with Ford’s intelligent technology. A 1.5-liter EcoBoost petrol engine is also part of the ST lineup.

We look forward to know more about the features and pricing of the different powertrains offered for the Kuga ST lineup. It won’t be long as the official launch is just a month away. Ford is expected to talk more about the SUV as the release date comes closer.

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