Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 7, S7 Edge, S5 and S6 to Receive Android Update – 7.0 Nougat – Samsung is Back in the Game with the Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Google’s new Android Nougat, 7.0 version is soon to be rolled out by Samsung for the S5, the S6, the S7, the Note 7 and the S7 Edge.

End of the Year Release

Samsung had taken quite a while to release the Marshmallow, 6.0.1 version for all its flagship phones and devices. In fact, there are many popular phones like the A7 2016, the J3 2016 and the Alpha, which have yet to receive the Marshmallow update. However, Samsung is quite quick in offering the Nougat update for many of its flagship devices. The release date and schedule for the abovementioned devices is not yet available, but reports claim that they will soon be rolled out, at least within the end of the year 2016.

Covering All Devices

News from TrustedReviews claims that the 7.0 update will come for the flagship devices mentioned above and also for the Note 7, which is yet to be released. It will then be available for the Tab Pro S, the S6 family devices and then to the rest of its phones.

Previews of 7.0

Google has already released 4 previews for developers and the final one is to come in August this year. Usually, the company releases its new OS along with the new Nexus device line, which will be the successor to the 5X and the 6P Nexus devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7, S5 and S6

Novel Features

The new operating system, Nougat, offers many enhancements, such as multi window and direct replies notifications. Other improvements include a Google Assistant and a VR interface. There are Seamless updates and a Screen Zoom feature as well. Android Nougat offers more efficient use of power and features like Instant Apps and Data Saver. The new OS offers Clear All and Data Saver as well as bundled notifications, support for Java 8 among others. Users can also access some more emojis and an App Switch.

Note 7 to Get Android N

The Note 7 will be launched on the 2nd of August and will manage to get four weeks of reviews and reports ahead of Apple revealing its new device, the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. Samsung is probably hoping to get a jump ahead of the iPhones this year.  The Note 7 is being called 7 and not 6, because currently the flagship phone of Samsung is the S7. The company does not want users to think that the Note 7 is an older version and not as new as its flagship smartphone. Everybody was expecting Samsung to release the Note 6, but it will be called Note 7 in all probability. It will offer a powerful handset. It will also be bigger and faster than its predecessor, as this is always the case in the Note series. Depending on the launch of the Note 7, it can also be one of the first handsets to run on the new Android N. The Daydream, VR Platform from Google will also probably feature in it, but this is not certain, as Samsung has its own aspirations in this respect. Even if only fifty percent of the rumors are true, the Note 7 is still expected to be one of the best smartphones of its segment.

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  1. Wait so they can give the s5 android n, but couldn’t give the s4 marshmallow or the s3 lollipop?

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