Free Apple iPhone 6S Battery Replacement, No Safety Concern

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Apple has conceded the fact that there are a number of faulty iPhone 6S handsets out there that have been troubling users.

According to reports, some people have been experiencing unexpected shutdowns on their iPhone 6S handsets. Apple believes that this is a problem related to the phone’s battery and as a result, the tech giant has launched a program that will see the affected parties receive a free replacement unit.

Apple will be carrying out these iPhone 6S battery replacements at its certified stores and authorized service providers at no extra charge. The Cupertino Company has moved in to clarify any concerns that the phone could be having another safety issue like the case of the Galaxy Note 7, instead, the tech giant believes that the issue only affects iPhone 6S models manufactured between September and October last year.

The Apple iPhone 6S joins the 2014 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in ailing, with the latter handsets suffering from a touch disease that led to things like a flickering gray bar on the display screen as well as a general reduction in the touch response. Apple noted that poor handling of the iPhone 6 could have led to this problem and in case of any issues, be ready to part with $149 for repairs. Apple notes that these two – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S – issues are different from each other, but it is only the latter model that will be considered for the free services.

iPhone 6S


Since the issue of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, smartphone users have grown their concerns over the safety of these devices – something that major OEMs are happy to address at any given moment. It would be a huge blow for not just Apple, but also for the entire smartphone industry, if the iPhone 6S issue happens to be a safety concern. This is true because Samsung has not even come to the bottom of what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7, but it should do so very soon.

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