Overwatch Streamer Shows He’s Best Not Only on Consoles but PC too


The free weekend for Overwatch kicked off last Friday and there has been some intense combat going in the game ever since its reveal.

New players have thronged in to see what’s the hype is all about and PC gamers are giving it a shot to see if it’s a good shooter as proclaimed.


While Overwatch developed by Blizzard managed to capture the attention of most players who enjoyed it during the free weekend, it also paved way for some controversial comments and criticism. DSPStanky is a popular gamer who loves to show off his Lucio gaming style and has such an amazing record. His skill rating is just so high on the Xbox One, PS4 consoles that prompted some PC gamers to poke him.

A long running tradition claims that if you are an amazing shooter in Call of Duty or any first person shooter for that matter on consoles, you wouldn’t do even half of it using a mouse and keyboard. There is hardly a concept called auto aiming for PCs and players are supposed to have lightning fast reflexes in order to succeed. Lucio is at his best when DSPStanky plays him and he also showed multiple times how efficient this support character could be in the right hands.

The Youtube videos he made made him so popular that it attracted a lot of attention from annoyed PC gamers. A lot of them dropped in to claim that this particular gamer would be dead in no time if he plays Overwatch on a computer. The comments were flooded asking him to show his Lucio skills on a mouse and a keyboard. The daring guy took it as a challenge and performed equally well on the new platform.

Overwatch on Consoles

A gamer who is used to console controls and controllers is supposed to lose on a high precision gaming mouse. But, surprisingly DSPStanky didn’t. He not only played well but showcased immense accuracy in killing and aim just like he did on his favorite console. The Youtube video showcases his efficiency and is fun to watch. The video quality might be a tad jittery because it was captured off Twitch and is not of HD quality but the gameplay is still fascinating and you can easily witness his skill ratings climb at a great pace as it always did.

You can check out the video below and maybe if you are a PC gamer, it is advisable to not assume all console gamers don’t have high precision on a gaming keyboard and PC. They probably are equally skilled as you!

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