Fresh Apple iPhone 9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors Surface – What we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone 9

It’s interesting how leaks and rumors keep flying around months or even more than a year before the actual products are here.

We knew what Samsung was working with respect to the Galaxy S8 back in 2016, moths before the phone was made public. At the moment, a lot is doing rounds with respect to the upcoming Apple iPhone 8, yet the phone is still months from release. While it’s “normal” for Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks and rumors to start coming in at this point in time now that the Galaxy S8 is already out, it’s strange that we are even talking about the iPhone 9, a phone that should succeed this year’s model – possibly 16 months from now.

According to reports coming from South Korea’s The Bell, the 2018 Samsung Galaxy S9 will be codenamed Star, with the larger model taking the name Star 2. Apparently, development of this phone has already started, which means it’s 3 or 4 months ahead of schedule. Despite the details of the phone’s codename, there are still no details of what the Galaxy S9 will actually bring to the table.

As usual, it’s time for guesswork, rumors and speculations, but still, you can be sure that things like Infinity Display, facial recognition and iris scanning will still keep their place when the S9 makes its debut. You can also expect to see a similar upgrade that appeared on the Galaxy S7 compared to the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S8

On the other hand, the same outlet claims that the iPhone 9 will come in two variants. Both models will sport an OLED display screen, but one will feature a 5.3-inch panel while the other will come in with a 6.5-inch display screen. If this rumor materializes, the latter model will be the largest ever display screen an Apple iPhone has ever had. At the moment, the biggest is 5.5 inches of the iPhone Plus models, but it seems the iPhone 9 will debut with a screen size that is almost this size on the base model.

There’s no mention of any other details regarding the iPhone 9 and Samsung Galaxy S9. In fact, these details come in as a result of the fact that Samsung will be in charge of supplying Apple with over 180 million OLED panels for the 2018 iPhones, but as for the specs and features, nothing is known just yet.

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