This OnePlus 5 Video Teases the Four Color Variants and Possible Design to Expect

OnePlus 5

Yesterday, OnePlus teased what could be the upcoming color variants of the OnePlus 5 flagship and now we have a complete video of how exactly this phone could look like in these colors.

The tech giant took to its official Twitter page to ask fans what color they’d prefer for the upcoming OnePlus 5 handset. While this doesn’t mean that the showcased colors will actually appear on the phone, it’s possible that the company will be picking some – or all – of the teased colors to go with the OnePlus 5 phone when it launches this summer.

Thanks to a YouTube video, we now have a clearer look at how exactly these OnePlus 5 colors will look like on the device, but don’t be surprised if only a handful of them make it to the final product. Nonetheless, the video does a pretty cool job in summing up not just the color variants, but also the overall design of the phone – at least from the rear view.

The upcoming OnePlus 5 could come in four color variants of black, gold, red and some other variant that blends a number of other colors, ending up with something close to cyan or even light blue. It’s unusual for OnePlus to come in with this number of color variants, but given the popularity of the company in recent days, it makes sense to give fans such a wide range of finishes to choose from.

We also know that the upcoming OnePlus 5 will ship with a dual-lens camera on the back and in the video, the creator does an impressive job showcasing just how good the phone will look like from the back end. You can be guaranteed that the phone’s photography will be of the best quality now that the tech company will be collaborating with industry experts DxOMark in giving the OnePlus 5 the best camera possible.

Note that this video is based on all the available rumors of the OnePlus 5 and it’s not the final product, which means there could be changes to the same. You can watch the video below and see for yourself what the phone could really look like when it hits the market in a few weeks’ time.