Future Google Assistant feature updates could roll out via the Google Play Store

Google Assistant

Google Assistant has just popped up in the Google Play Store. This has never happened before, but for now, there’s nothing much to its appearance.

According to the search giant’s description, the Google Assistant app is a way for you to access the digital assistant with one tap, just like you do with many other apps. It’s already simple to launch the Assistant on a supported phone by pressing and holding the home button or even simpler by just saying “OK Google.” But with the new app, Google wants to give you more options to choose from, including the one you are already used to – tap and go.

So far, the company says that you don’t need the app to use the Google Assistant if your phone already supports the virtual assistant. If you try to download the app on an unsupported device, you will be notified that Assistant won’t work.

Even though Google says this app will give users of the digital assistant a new way of launching it, there’s probably much to look forward to in the not-so-distant future. We’ve all come to see how easy it is to roll out regular updates to apps via the Play Store, including beta versions. With this move, Google could be planning for a future where new Google Assistant features will be rolled out via the Play Store.

With the availability of the app in the Play Store, Google may also be working on a way to open up the assistant to more products, especially now that the competition in the virtual assistants business is taking shape.

These are just educated guesses, but for now, we don’t really know what Google has in store with respect to listing the Google Assistant on the Play Store. Of course, we should get more details in the coming months.


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