Future Mazda Cars to Offer Best Driver Integration with Autonomous Technology

Future Mazda Cars

The automobile brand Mazda is working on driver integration, a concept that will allow them to sync the car’s actions with the person driving it using autonomous technology.

Infusing a sense of human touch into their vehicles, Mazda in their official blog discusses the concept of how a rider connects with a horse during races. They are looking forward to incorporate multiple autonomous technologies in their vehicles that will help them connect with the driver. The actions should be seamless, reads the blog. And, it does make a lot of sense because autonomous driving is something people will accept only if it gives them the highest level of assurance. Concerns over accidents and the car going out of control are plenty that the auto brand plans to address.

2017 Mazda3

The new Active Driving Display developed by the engineers will allow drivers to focus on the road. Everything they need to know including the route, Google maps, warning and other notifications will be presented on the glass. It is a form of augmented reality that ensures the person driving the car doesn’t have to take their eyes of off the road for even a second. It is similar to the technology used in fighter planes.

Some of the important information available on screen as part of Active Driving Display includes vehicle’s speed, blind spot monitoring, directions, fuel level and it may even add phone notifications. The features are sure to reduce distractions to a great extent. Any warnings will be displayed in red/ amber colors which are easy to read irrespective of the weather conditions. The features will be found in 2017 Mazda3 which also includes a traffic sign recognition system.

With the help of the forward sensing camera, the TSR will read signs on the road, read displays and understands speed limit to keep the car going at a steady pace. The idea Mazda has is to connect the driver with the vehicle so that everything seems smooth and there are no distractions. When it is achieved, the concept of autonomous driving slowly kicks in as a confident driver can allow the car to do all the actions while he or she will always be there to control it when required.

Future Mazda Cars

Despite all the upgrades, Mazda still advises the driver to focus on the road and not completely rely on these automated systems. They are probably concerned about legal claims but maybe in the next five years, we might see autonomous cars on the road.

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