Now, You Can Join Live 360 Videos on Periscope and on Twitter

Periscope Live 360 Videos

Twitter just introduced a new way to see what is happening on its micro-blogging network, through Live 360 videos.

With this update, the users will now be able to check out Live and interactive 360 videos from all the interesting broadcasters to explore what is happening around them. The users can now have an inside look at the lives of well-known personalities, and also know what is happening behind the scenes at exclusive events. The announcement was made by Alessandro Sabatelli of Twitter in a blog post.

Twitter Live 360 videos

The first of such a Live video was broadcasted by the popular broadcaster, Alex Pettitt through Twitter’s live Periscope application. The video showed a Florida sunset and allowed the users to see it from different angles by just clicking on the stream.

Twitter seems to have introduced its latest update with the 360-degree live video streaming to Periscope, which is its video streaming app, in an attempt to probably fend off the possible threat from the Live video feature of Facebook, called as the Facebook Live.

Live 360 Videos

Live videos are marked with a LIVE 360 badge. So, when there is a 360 video broadcast on Twitter or on Periscope, the users will be able to change the point of view of what they are seeing in the video and interact with it by just moving their phone or by swiping across the screen, all this while watching a live video. The users will be able to see what is unfolding behind, below, or above the broadcaster’s view to get an immersive experience.

Live 360 Videos

Live 360 video is not just about taking the users to places where they have never been to, it is more than just that. The Live 360 video is all about connecting people and allowing them to experience something new. With these Live videos, the broadcaster will be able to anchor the experience which makes the users feel like they are themselves present in the environment which is being shared in the video.

Periscope Notes

Periscope said in a blog post that joining a Live broadcast is like stepping into the shoes of someone else and see the world through their eyes and that the company is introducing the Live 360 video to bring a more immersive way to experience those moments. The company also mentioned in the blog post that with 360-degree video on Periscope, the users will be able to experience the moments by taking a look at the Live 360 video along with the broadcaster, which is indeed a step closer to be actually present there.

Periscope Live 360 Videos

 So, from now on, the users will be able to join live 360 videos from some incredible broadcasters on Twitter and on Periscope and get exclusive access to all the upper crust events, traveling to different places across the globe right there from the couch, and also, getting up close with the renowned personalities.

Periscope 360 is available as of now only for the iOS users and the company plans to release it soon on Android also. Though all the users on Twitter and Periscope are able to watch live 360 videos, only a few select partners can currently go live in 360 through Periscope. Periscope said that it is testing its 360 broadcasts, as of now, with just a small group of partners. The company is expected to roll out this Live 360 video feature to a broader audience in the upcoming weeks. Periscope also mentioned in its blog post that the people, who are interested in joining the waitlist, can apply to join the list from the website.

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