Galaxy A8 Receives Marshmallow Update – Samsung is on a Roll

Galaxy A8

Samsung has begun to roll out the Marshmallow version update for its A8 mobile devices.

With this update, the A8 receives the 6.0.1 Android version. The version has started rolling out to the devices in India currently with the build number being MMB29KA800FXXU1BPF5.

Firing Off

There are many other Galaxy devices that are still awaiting the Marshmallow Update. The company took its own time in offering the update to its premium devices, but now Samsung seems to be on a roll. In the past two or three weeks, Samsung has fired of Marshmallow updates to several regions all over the world, including the US.

What’s New?

This version is the Marshmallow 6.0.1 Android and the size of the download is 1112.27 MB.  It brings in all the usual new goodies of Marshmallow, the Doze feature, Google Now, on Tap. Some application permissions have been redesigned as well. TouchWiz has also received enhancements with this update. The new Samsung overlay has improved usability and the visual design has also been updated. In addition, there is a new vibration pattern. There are also new settings for Theme and Email as well as for icons and widgets.

Quick Connect

The Quick Connect feature allows users to find a nearby device and connect to it. It shows devices that are currently connected as well as earlier connections.

More Protection

The fingerprints of the user are protected more securely. There is an alternative method of unlocking the device, with a pattern, a PIN or a password, which is now required for adding the user’s fingerprints.

Samsung Galaxy A8

Power Savings

The update also brings in a more advanced mode for power saving. This feature restricts the data in the background of the device and enhances the battery life.

Decryption and Encryption

The new 6.0 Marshmallow version of Android does not offer support for the Decrypt function of the device. In case the user’s device has encryption feature, the user will not be able to disable it once the upgradation is done. For disabling the encryption after upgradation, the feature has to be disabled prior to upgrading to the new version. In order to do this, access Settings on the phone and then move to Lockscreen/Security. Next, go to Other Security Setting and opt for Decrypt Device.

Updating Apps

Users will also have to update some of the applications that had been installed with the previous OS version, Lollipop. For doing this, users can go to the Apps or the Play Store and update them. In addition, the shortcut for Email seen on the home screen will not appear after upgrading the device. Users have to add it again to the homescreen.

Other Variations

There might also be some other variations, apart from the ones mentioned above. This will depend on the specific network operator or the country in which the device is being used. Some of the feature functionalities might vary and functionalities might change.

Users will get a notification on their phones when the update is available for their device. Alternatively, they can also access Settings and About Device on their phones and check out whether they can download and install the new verison.

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