Nintendo NX To Feature Portable Gaming Device Along With The Home Console


When questioned as to why Nintendo didn’t speak about the next gen NX console at E3 2016, the company’s head commented that their competitors could copy the idea.

Based on a recent patent filing, it is speculated that Nintendo NX might feature a portable gaming device along with the home console. If we are to make assumptions, it is going to be like the PS4 and the PS Vita together as the same device. But, the handheld gadget will also allow gamers to enjoy gaming on the go even when they are not actually connected to the home console.

A similar concept is already in place with the Wii U device. It has a huge controller with a display of its own and lets you game without having to occupy the television at all times. If Nintendo is planning to expand further on this idea, they can be sure that Microsoft or Sony is not going to copy what they are doing. Sony do have their PS Vita which has a similar function but due to their lack of attention, the handheld console lost its importance. Microsoft on the other hand is busy merging Xbox One with PC. A handheld gaming device is a far cry for the company.

Nintendo NX

The rumors emerged from a patent filed by the company for the Nintendo NX console. One of the patents talks about a free form screen while another is about using haptic feedback in the console. The layout for the handheld device has also been revealed in the images which resemble a brick and is not so appealing for now. But, we can be sure that with the right screen, controls and of course, the right games it could probably be an amazing handheld which also works seamlessly with the home console.

With such a tight lipped company, it is difficult to gather information related to the Nintendo NX console. Once they confirm the device, it would aim for a holiday launch in 2017. Meanwhile, Microsoft has already announced their Xbox Scorpio console. The powerful platform is capable of handling 4K gaming and is going to be a game changer according to the company.

Sony didn’t announce any at E3 2016 as they were simply watching what Microsoft does so as to make necessary changes. Microsoft could be a big winner this time and probably Nintendo as well in their own segment as they do with every new console.

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  1. so is a 2 for 1, hopefully is not tied to each other and have a standard controller for the main console.

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