Galaxy S6 Marshmallow Update Starts Rolling out on Telus and Videotron

Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Marshmallow

If you live in Canada and use any of Telus or Videotron carriers, there is some really good news for you as these two have official begin rolling out Samsung Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update.

The new Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update comes months after it started appearing on the Galaxy S6 in its home country of Korea. Samsung Galaxy S6 was actually the second in the list after the Galaxy Note 5 as far as Samsung’s Marshmallow updates are concerned. However, it is only now that the update has reached those using last year’s flagship on Telus and Videotron.

There have been quite a number of delays that have seen the Marshmallow update on Samsung Galaxy S6 fail to come out as scheduled. Initially, Telus had revealed a schedule that meant the Galaxy S6 was to receive Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on March 9. This did not materialize for some reason. However, it will be a great relief for many users once they learn that the update is finally here.

Telus began rolling out Samsung Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update on Monday. As usual, the update brings new features and this month’s Android security updates. Among the new features to look out for include Doze, Google Now on Tap as well as new apps permissions system. Other interesting additions to the new Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow are authorizing purchases using the fingerprint scanner thanks to the deep integration of the feature in the new OS as well as a redesigned app drawer.

This update on Telus is also available for those using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update

As mentioned, Videotron is also pushing the new Marshmallow update to those using the Galaxy S6. Just like users of Telus, those using Videotron will also receive the Doze feature, new and better control over apps permissions, a better Google Now on Tap as well as a fingerprint scanner that is compatible with third party apps.

In case the update hasn’t reached your Galaxy S6 just yet, there is always the option to do things manually. Head to the phone’s Settings and scroll right to the bottom of the menu and tap on “About phone.” Follow this by tapping on Software updates option and you will be able to get a notification for downloading the software (if it’s ready). You’ll see the “Update Now” option if the update is ready, but make sure your phone is plugged into a power source or is 75% charged before hitting the update button.

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