Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Firmware Finally Comes to T-Mobile

Samsugn Galaxy On5 Release

It has been months since Samsung Galaxy Note 5 started receiving the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in the United States.

Despite this, some users of the 2015 Samsung phablet flagship had not received the new mobile OS from Google. While the delay is usually associated with smartphone OEMs, this time, it can be blamed on carriers. To be more specific, those using T-Mobile and AT&T have been vocal about the lack of this new update on their devices yet the same update is available on other platforms. The social media has been very active with complaints from angry users and it seems T-Mobile is the first to respond to these angry cries.

While this is happening in the U.S. for T-Mobile users, users of the same device in Canada are also receiving the Android Marshmallow update. The carrier in question in the north is Telus and it the update also affects those using Samsung Galaxy S6. It now remains to be seen when AT&T will start rolling out the Marshmallow update for those using last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Some of the features that are making AT&T and T-Mobile users go crazy over the lack of a Marshmallow update include Doze for helping with matters of battery management as well as Google Now on Tap, which is basically an enhanced version of the standard Google Now. There is more to this OS update as it also brings new apps permissions system, error, and bug fixes as well as the latest security updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

As mentioned earlier, this update is more than a month late as it started rolling out in early March. Hopefully, it will run smoothly and reach out to all Samsung Galaxy Note 5 devices on T-Mobile and Telus as quickly as possible. You can check out in the phone’s settings and see whether the update is available for downloading on your device.

Even though this 2015 phablet is about to be replaced with an even more powerful and appealing Samsung Galaxy Note 6, the Galaxy Note 5 is still a cool device to own. The phone, like typical Samsung Galaxy Note series devices, has a 5.7inch Super AMOLED display with 2k QHD resolution. The flagship is powered by an Exynos 7420 chipset supported by a massive RAM of 4GB. On camera matters, the Note 5 offers one of the best photos with its 16MP rear snapper that features a f/1.9 aperture and a 5MP selfie camera with the same aperture.

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