Galaxy S8 – Rumors and Leaks – Samsung Doesn’t Plan on Messing with its Winning Design

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 has still not been launched, but there are plenty of rumors surrounding the new smartphone.

Design Comparison with S7

Samsung is not planning on messing with its winning design of the S7. So it can be safely assumed that the S8 will come in a design that is similar to that of the S7. You can look forward to the same attractive metal curves and the sleek finish. However, the S8 might be a little larger at 5.5 inches, which is a significant rise from the 5.1 inches of the S7. This is similar to the Moto G4 released this year. It is 5.5 inches, which is much more than the screen size of the previous Moto G3.

Question of Options

A bigger screen size can prove to be an advantage, with the use of the device evolving over the years. However, oversized devices may not be attractive, especially when there is no compact version available as an option. It is hoped that the S8 Edge will be offered in this size with a smaller option being the S8.

Waterproof Features

Another question regarding the upcoming S8 is whether it will have waterproof features similar to the S7. The S7 has been incredibly successful, especially because of the waterproof feature, which was a key point in the marketing campaign. Samsung has recorded excellent profits with this phone in 2016, so there’s no reason for giving up on this feature.

Galaxy S8

Media Experience

There is a likelihood that the screen boasting a 5.5 inches is mainly created to offer an enhanced VR experience. Samsung has been pushing this kind of experience with the Gear VR headsets. The S8 and the Gear VR would make a great combination offering the most immersive experience, especially if rumors regarding 4K resolution are also true.

4K Screen

There’s been only one 4K screen till now and that is the Xperia Z5 Premium. However, the battery life has suffered in this case. It is hoped that Samsung will be able to solve the dilemma and have an Ultra HD screenwhich is not power zapping. It is also possible that the company will stick on with the 2K screen display, similar to the S7.

Expandable Storage

One of the problems with the earlier flagship phone was the missing expandable storage feature. This problem was corrected in the S7. It is hoped that the S8 will also come with a similar microSD card for expanding storage. This will allow users to carry a large media collection and also stream the media on their phones.

Performance Comparison

The S7 was offered in the Snapdragon, 820 version and the Exynos 8890 version. Both the phones offered a slick performance and there was no slowdown even while playing the latest games while on the go. It is naturally expected that the S8 will also go down the same path and offer a smashing performance. It will probably come with the Snapdragon 830, which is a processor not yet launched. It has 8 cores and will support a RAM of 8 GB, according to latest rumors.

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