New Skyrim Mod Replaces Epic Gameplay Music With 80s Transformers Sound


It’s been five years since Skyrim got launched and the modding community, probably the most active of them has experimented with a whole lot of ideas.

When we finally thought that there is nothing one could do with Skyrim anymore, the developers announced the remastered version. With 64-bit files, it allows modding people to create bigger and better mods in the near future. So far, they have done everything silly to artistic like the Troll face moon, Thomas the Tank Engine for dragons and the Minecraft pigs that you could ride in the Skyrim world. Honestly, it should have possibly been the end but it just wasn’t.

The creative minds have jumped into work again and this time they done something we never expected them to do. The game is filled with amazing epic battle music through different combat scenarios. They simply elevate the title to a whole new level and makes it immersive. But, when you suddenly listen Transformers music from the 1980s cartoon, things get on a whole new level.

New Skyrim

All the mod does is replace the epic battle music in the game with 80s transformers music and they are just awesome to listen to. Especially, when we are in an era when virtual reality is budding and things are moving towards the future people imagined, this is a welcome addition. The best songs from the past including Rubik’s cube and many more are included. When playing the game and fighting actually feels like a training montage. It is not Rocky but definitely something close to it that keeps the fight going on for a long time.

If you really like such mods and wish to play Skyrim again with a new background score, the mod is available for free to download. You can just download it, play and enjoy the same sword combat but from a whole new perspective. So many classic songs from the past and this is once again just the beginning as a lot is going to happen once Skyrim Special Edition gets launched.

Players who already own the game along with all the DLCs on PC will have free access to the next gen version. The new Skyrim features HD graphics with god rays, fog lights and improved textures. The developers at Bethesda have done an amazing job. It will surely tickle the modding community to come back with its best creations yet again.

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