Galaxy A Series Coming with Curved Display – Curved Screens Go Mainstream

The A series of Samsung Galaxy might soon be featuring a curved display, according to reports from etnews, a Korean site.

It is reported that Samsung has been in the process of developing the rigid display screen only for the mid level or lower level mobile devices. It is making use of curved OLED display screen for the other high-end phones.

Galaxy A Series

A Series with Curved Display

The A Series of Galaxy phones include the A9, the A7, the A5 and the A3. So far, none of the devices have come with curved screens. The curved screen feature has until now been reserved only for the premium or flagship phones of Samsung. However, etnews states that the company is now seeking to enhance the curved OLED yield, in order to reduce production cost.

Medium Grade Devices

Etnews states that Samsung is planning to lower the devices having a rigid OLED from the medium grade device to a low-grade device. It has made a decision to use the dual edge OLED panels for these medium grade devices. Normally the dual edge OLED panel is used only for flagship offerings, but now it is planning to use it for the A series as well, which is a medium grade device.

Note 7 Display

Earlier this year, the Galaxy Note 7 also came in curved display, with previous models only featuring the flat type of display. The S8, which is to be announced early next year is also expected to come with the curved display, being a flagship phone.

Curved Screen History

The first curved display was released about two years ago, but most devices today only offer a flat screen, as it is cheaper to produce them. However, curved displays are now becoming a mainstream feature, especially in case of top end mobile sets.

Samsung released its first curved screen device, the Galaxy Round in October 2013, releasing it initially in South Korea. The device is unique even today, with a 5.7 inches screen and a resolution of 1080 pixels OLED, which is curved horizontally.

Samsung later released the Note Edge in September 2014, which is also a unique smartphone with Quad HD screen, being curved on one side and offering an asymmetric design. The S6 Edge came in March 2016 having curved screens on both the sides, making it better than the Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy A Series

Curved Displays in South Korea

It is surprising that all the smartphones sporting curved display screens have been designed in South Korea by Samsung and LG. However, the fact is that both these companies have subsidiaries manufacturing their displays, so they have the necessary time as well as the expertise for experimenting on different manufacturing technologies before mass-producing the curved screens.

More Immersive

The advantage of a curved screen is that it offers better viewing angles and offers a more immersive experience to users. This is especially so in case of viewing videos or watching a movie or playing a game with rich graphics. The curved screen offers users the illusion of being physically present at the scene.

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