Top Tips for Charging iPhone Quickly – Spend Less Time around a Charging Outlet and Get More Juice

Top Tips for Charging iPhone

Here are some top tips for getting the maximum benefit from your iPhone battery.

Some iPhones have lately been shutting down all of a sudden and if yours does not fall in this list, congratulations. The battery life of your iPhone has not ended, but users can still get more juice out of their batteries. With the help of these tips, it will take less time to increase the speed of charging your phone.

Top Tips for Charging iPhone

Using Wall Charger

If users want quick charging, they can opt for wall charging or an external pack, and not the USB port on the laptop. Though it is not as convenient as the laptop USB port, it will transfer increased power amps to the device immediately, which makes the charging process faster.

Change the Charger

However, the user must be careful of counterfeit charging devices, as these are not trustworthy. Some could even cause an explosion of the phone, so it is better to charge slowly rather than risk an explosion. That being said, don’t opt for any third party accessories and opt for charges from brands like AmazonBasics or Anker or Monoprice, which are more trustworthy. They might be more expensive, but are safer for use. Ensure that the charger has a certification of MFi or Made for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod on the packaging.

The default Apple charger offers 1 amp, though the iPhone can draw a maximum of 2.1 amps. Those owning an iPad can use the iPad charger, as it is stronger.

Removing the Case

The battery of the iPhone is made of lithium ion and is rather delicate, so it is important to keep it cool. Some of the tight cases can trap heat on the phone while it charging. The most steady result can only be obtained by keeping the battery at room temperature conditions.

Reducing the Burden

It is a good idea to reduce the burden on the phone, so that the battery is preserved for a longer time. For instance, you can shut off the screen or reduce the brightness. Turn off the push alerts in case of some unimportant apps. Instead of streaming songs or videos, you can download them. Location service or even the mobile data can be disabled when not in use. Most programs on the device are created for efficiency with the WiFi or GPS, so don’t overdo this stuff or you’ll only be crippling the utility value of the phone.

Top Tips for Charging iPhone Quickly

Use Airplane Mode

Users can get more juice from the battery by turning it to Airplane Mode. This will shut off cellular data, Bluetooth and so on. When you charge with this mode, it will save some time and the device will get charged sooner.

However, this will disconnect the user from the world, as there won’t be any calls, notifications or messages, which is defeating the purpose of a smartphone. The iPhone also has a Low Power Mode, which also works similarly.

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