Galaxy’s S7 Active to be Launched in June?  – A Rugged Smartphone for Outdoors

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Recent Leaks

Recently, Samsung has brought in the IP6X rating for the S7 lineup of smartphones, so these phones are all now waterproof as well as dustproof. However, there are still some users out there who wish to see the Active version of the S7. There have been many recent leaks that have confirmed this release.

AT&T is exclusively offering the S7 Active from Samsung Galaxy, on the same lines as the S6 Active last year. It is a rugged version of the S6 and there are plenty of leaks regarding the specifications of this upcoming phone. The price might be the same as the base model.


The S7 Active is said to be more bulky compared to the Vanilla S7, mostly due to the heavier battery. Though the S6 came with a stunning 3500mAh battery, the successor S7 Active is going to take things further with an amazing 4000 mAh. Apart from the battery specs, the S7 Active is very similar to its sibling the S7. The display is a Super AMOLED one with QHD at 5.1 inches.

It weighs 185 g and has a thickness of 9.9 mm. As all other Active versions of Galaxy phones, the new S7 Active is also supposed to come with a big waterproof,  physical button for Home and not capacitive keys found on its base model. The Active version will also come with IP68 rating.

It comes with a textured scheme, making the phone highly suitable for using outdoors. It is easer to grip and hold, especially when you have a wet or a dusty hand while working outdoors.

Galaxy S7 Active

Color Options

However, based on the leaked images, many observers are not too pleased with the colors available for the S7 Active. According to The Verge, the color options are truly awful, but it could be targeted towards a niche group of military or defense contractors, people working in deserts and so on. There is a gold version along with a green color, with a view to being a military camouflage color.

Other Specifications

The S7 Active will be powered by a Snapdragon, 820 chip with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage that can be expanded. It comes with the latest version of Android Marshmallow, 6.0 on board. As for the camera, it has a 12 MP camera at the rear, which is similar to the ones seen on the S7 and the S7 Edge. As for the selfie camera, it has a 5 MP front camera. It will also feature a military grade, MIL-STD-810, rating, offering an excellent rough end smartphone for those frequenting the outdoors.

June Release Expected

It is expected that AT&T will release the S7 Active in June this year, around June 10th in fact. It is possible to be so specific about the date, as this date has featured in all the official press renderings leaked till now. However, there is no news regarding the release of the phone in markets other than the United States.

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