Pokemon Sun and Moon: Game Freak Announces Second Global Mission and QR Code Scan

Pokemon Sun and Moon

In order to continually captivate gamers’ interest in the recently launched Pokemon Sun and Moon, Game Freak keeps offering global missions on a monthly basis.

These global missions are challenges that players will encounter as they undertake in-game tasks, and are to be achieved in a specified time period. While these challenges are optional and at the discretion of gamers to take them up, it is worth noting that it takes the combined effort of over a million active fans to put in their best performance to be successful in the mission. Players from across the globe joined hands and ambitiously took up the first global mission resulting in the capture of a 16.5 million Pokemon while the set target was 100 million. Even though they put in their best efforts, they fell short of the goal and this global mission was not achieved.

According to Gamespot and Serebii.net, the second game mission begins on 27 December 2016 and ends on 9 January 2017 covering a time span of two weeks. During this period, Pokemon fans must come forward and put in a cumulative effort to either defeat or take into captivity a million Pokemon using the Island of Scan feature. In other words, only Pokemon captured or defeated with this feature is taken into consideration for the one million count. With the number of players involved in the game increasing on a daily basis, the target count should be feasible.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

However, the catch here is that the a player can avail the Island Scan feature only after he or she earns 100 points by scanning the QR codes that make their presence at random points in the game. Also, the scanner used for scanning is accessible only very late into the game. This feature helps Pokemon Sun and Moon gamers to play the game outside the standard Aloha region.

Participants will be rewarded with 2,017 Festival Coins if they are successful in their mission. And even if they are not successful in this, they do not have to despair. They will earn 217 Festival Coins for putting in their best efforts. And if this is not enough, there is a bonus for those players who have tied up their game to a Pokemon global link account. These gamers will receive two times the coins earned at the end based on the result.

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