This Week’s Xbox One Deals with Gold Add Dragon Age Inquisition and Farming Simulator 17

Farming Simulator 2017

Microsoft announced Xbox One Deals with Gold which brings three exciting games to your console.

The spotlight sale is also live with a bunch of popular AAA titles with great discounts to make the most out of the holiday sales.

The Winter sale 2016 is live on almost every platform including Steam, Origin and Uplay. PC Gamers are not the only one enjoying this because as soon as it went live, Sony and Microsoft announced their holiday sales as well. The Deals with Gold weekly offer now brings in Dragon Age Inquisition, Farming Simulator 17 and Tropico 5. Out of the three, the simulator is the latest title to go for if you love the genre. Besides, it is completely new take on the type of games that doesn’t involve business of any sort but rather focusing on sowing seeds and gauging weather conditions.

The Spotlight sale has some kickass titles to go with. However, they are valid only for Xbox Live Gold members. Need for Speed is a great pick as it is the latest racing game in the series and is being sold for $12. Unravel is another noteworthy title that is available now for just $5. You could hardly go wrong with this price because the game is fun, colorful and should definitely offer you couple of hours of non-stop arcade enjoyment that justifies the discounted cost.

Xbox One with Farming Simulator 2017

Farming Simulator 2017 can be yours for $37.49 while Dragon Age Inquisition is now being sold on the Xbox One store for $12. These titles are of different genres and offer completely unique gameplay experience. Other titles that are discounted in the spotlight sale include Hawken, Claire Extended Cut, Rock N Racing bundle, Penarium among others.

Microsoft has extended the spotlight sale and the deals with gold to Xbox 360 consoles as well. Even though the system is pretty old by now, there are gamers who enjoy the platform and some of its exclusive titles. The top three are the Escapists, Sniper Ghost Warrior and de Blob 2. Ghost Warrior 2 is priced at $5.24 while the first part in the series costs $2.24. The Escapists can be had for $6.59 making it a crazy deal considering the fact that this game is pixel-like yet rich in gameplay and longevity. De Blob 2 is being sold at $2.99. On the whole, you could probably spend just $50 this holiday season and get over six or more titles to grow your game collection.

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