Garmin Vivofit 4 Promises Massive Battery Life and Costs Just $80

Garmin Vivofit 4

Health conscious buyers are keen on monitoring their everyday activities and fitness bands help them achieve it without a fuss.

While the market is flooded with so many products, the new Garmin Vivofit 4 seems a promising entry with lots of must have features.

The problem with having too many devices is that one has to worry about charging them all every night and if they skip charging one day, all of them will go offline the very next day. Garmin, the leading fitness band manufacturer has an answer to this every day problem. They have come up with a new model which promises massive battery life.

Garmin Vivofit 4 Promises Massive Battery Life

It is unbelievably long but the company is confident and claims that the new Vivofit 4 will manage to run for an entire year without having to recharge the battery ever. Besides, it is also being sold with a very affordable price tag of $80. There are many similar options in the market and some of the fancy ones are the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro but any fitness band which is very flashy with a large display, more features like a smartphone is bound to cost a lot higher.

Garmin wants to get rid of the issues associated with the device while making it user friendly and affordable. It looks like they have already achieved what they set out to through this new product. There is no need to even put it on hours of charging after you unbox the device. Just open the box, wear it on the wrist and you are ready to start using it to track your activity all day long.

Garmin Vivofit 4 Promises Massive Battery Life and Costs Just $80

Instead of going with the power plug based charging concept, the Garmin Vivofit 4 is powered by a watch styled SR43 batteries that you can readily buy off stores or from the official website. The band is expected to run a whole year of regular usage and eventually when it runs out of battery, all you need to do is buy those batteries from the official store or any third party seller to keep it working as it did so far.

All the basic and advanced features you would expect from a fitness tracker is available on the Vivofit 4. It includes sleep tracker, weather information, step counter, Find My Phone features and the color display is always-on without compromising on battery life. The new device sells for $79.99 and is now available on Amazon.

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