Google Home Max has Audio Latency Issues When Connected Using AUX Port

Google Home Max has Audio Latency Issues When Connected Using AUX Port

Google Home Max is the latest speaker from the search engine giant and they are much bigger compared to the products released so far.

However, they have a caveat right now.

Users have complained in forums that every time they connect the Home Max speakers using a 3.5mm AUX audio port, there is a significant lag in the audio being played on the device. The product is originally designed to be wireless and it works surprisingly well in it. But, when connected to a real cable in which it is supposed to work seamlessly, the speakers show lag in audio reproduction.

Google Home Max

The developers have identified that it has nothing to do with the hardware but a software bug has been causing the issue. Most Home speakers are smart, stylish but they would work only through Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity.Google Home Max offered the option to connect other audio devices with the help of an AUX port and it does sound great until this bug spoiled the entire convenience the company intended to offer to its users.

Home Max speakers were originally unveiled during the Pixel event in the month of October this year. The developers decided to go with an extremely expensive price tag of $399 for the speakers making it one of the premium products from Google and not everyone would actually go for it. Most audiophiles would prefer a product from popular speaker manufacturers but still there were a few who found this to be a worthy addition.

Google Home Max has Audio Latency Issues

The ability to connect other devices with the help of AUX makes it a solid choice for professionals, DJs and people who do audio mixing at home.Audio latency is a serious issue irrespective of the size of the type of the product in which it occurs. When it does in a premium product such as the Google Home Max, it’s very annoying as professionals may not be able to do audio mixing or preview what they have worked on as the latency would spoil the entire experience.

Home Max tries to be a speaker that is friendly for home users and equally good for professionals like DJs, audio engineers among others. In this quest to achieve perfection, such hurdles are common and can be avoided with a software update. Google confirmed that a software to fix the bug and stop latency will be rolled out real soon but no specific date has been mentioned.

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