Gboard keyboard just got better with these new features

Google Gboard

Google’s Gboard, the official keyboard developed by the company, is getting a bunch of new features courtesy of a new software update.

The latest version, as expected, is bringing a fair amount of new features for the many people that use the app on their phones, however, the features are still limited to the trial version. Among the new features the updated Gboard app brings include support for stickers as well as Bitmoji, which is owned by Snapchat.

When you start typing a message on the updated keyboard, a sticker tab will appear, giving you access to a variety of stickers that can be used alongside the message. The tab appears from the top button bar or the overflow menu, but it’s movable. When you press the emoji button on the lower left-side of the Gboard keyboard, you should notice a sticker tab at the bottom. Simply press this tab and you’ll once again have access to the sticker collection on the app.

Whichever method you pick, the sticker tab will still give you access to the same collection and Bitmoji app. It’s also possible to search for these stickers and Bitmoji, however, these stickers are only compatible with apps and text areas that also support the keyboard’s GIFs and images.

Other than the introduction of new sticker support and Bitmoji, the updated Gboard app also brings several changes. The shift and backspace buttons do have outlines in the update and when you enable caps letters, the shift key fills up. The Dictionary page has also dropped the add-on dictionaries and you’ll also notice a redesigned Themes page in the Settings of the app.

All these changes are on Gboard v6.5, but as noted, this is still in beta. To get it, you’ll have to get into the testing program, which is available via the Google Play Store.

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